Top 5 Android App Managers

By Steve McFarlane

Digging through the scores of icons that may be on your Android’s home screen isn’t the most efficient way of finding an app, neither is cycling through them, one-by-one, an efficient way of managing your apps.

We have assembled a list of some great apps for moving your apps around (SD card to phone to storage device), identify security threats, backing up and restore apps as well as simply finding the apps you use most often.

AppMonster Pro

If you have ever had the need to switch devices or reinstall all your old apps, then you should understand how frustrating and time consuming it can be find and reinstall all your previously installed apps. AppMonster is an application manager for Androids that enable you to better manage situations such the above.

It has features such as backup, restore, uninstall, install from SD card, share and much more.

With the backup of “Market-Links” feature you’ll get can get your apps back as well as manage update-notifications, which is a good tool to have after you’ve done a phone reset or switched to a new phone.

There is the free version, but the Pro version has some awesome features:

  • Automatically backup newly installed apps
  • Backup and restore apps to and from the SD card
  • Backup/restore .apk-files or Market-Links
  • Batch restore from SD card or from The Market
  • Multiple version backup
  • Quick uninstalling
  • Sort apps by install-date, name, size
  • Display apps with AdMob Ads
  • Scan SD card for install-files
  • Share app-links via Facebook, Twitter, email
  • Send backed up apps by email, Dropbox etc

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Quick App Manager

This is a powerful application manager that has a cache cleaner, history cleaner, task killer and an SD card app manager. It also has a security tool that displays non-system applications that are using potentially risky permissions.

The Cache cleaner can:

  • Clear all caches at once, even if the device is not rooted
  • Clear the cache of a specific app
  • Auto-clear all caches at a specified interval
  • Clear all from the widget
  • Build an ignore list to override the clear all process (root only)
  • Raise notifications when a specific cache size is reached
  • List apps by either: cache, total size, name, data, source, running, or system
  • Show application details page

You can use the Task killer to:

  • Stop system processes or applications
  • Kill selected apps
  • Soft kill or do a system force close
  • Add apps to an ignore list so you don’t inadvertently close important apps.

The History cleaner can clear the following histories:

  • Call logs
  • Maps search
  • Read SMS/MMS
  • Browser history
  • Market search
  • Gmail search
  • Quick search bar history
  • Clipboard data
  • Frequent calls
  • Navigation history
  • Youtube search

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Wave Launcher

With a simple swipe gesture you can bring up a wave-like view of an app’s status and launch various apps. Wave Launch can start up to 120 of your favorite or recently used apps.  You can also create app drawers so you can access all of them from the Wave; the wave works regardless of the apps that are currently running.

To bring up the Wave, simply touch the left of the screen and slowly swipe your finger up towards the middle of the screen. When you get towards the middle, the wave should appear.

  • Move your fingers along the wave to select the desired application
  • If you lift your finger from the display the currently highlighted app will be launched
  • Simply swiping the wave back to the bottom will exit the wave without launching an app.

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Gemini App Manager

This is another powerful Android app manager that can help you organize installed apps, identify problem apps, and kill the troublemakers.

Gemini App Manager includes a: risk indicator, app auto-run controller (root), task killer and uninstaller. It also has backup-apks to SD card, and a move-to-SD card features (Android 2.2 or later).

In expert mode, you can filter and sort packages by many useful parameters. It can also automatically call root function to enable better performance if the device is rooted.

Notable features:

  • Show app information such as apps that can send SMS, use the camera, or find your location (GPS)
  • Enable and disable auto-run conditions
  • A kill task process (kill all, or kill by selection)
  • Move apps from the phone to SD card in batches (Android 2.2 or later) and visa versa
  • Uninstall apps in batches
  • View application details
  • Clear app cache
  • Filter and sort apps by multiple criteria

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Circlelauncher light

This app works in a similar way to Wave Launcher, in that you can conveniently launch your favorite and most often used apps in style from an animated home screen widget.

As the name implies, Circlelauncher allows you to launch contacts, bookmarks, apps and the like with one click of the respective animated-icon on a circle style interface. You can use the included launcher icons or an icon from any CircleLauncher icon pack.

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