The Best Android SMS Backup Restore Apps

By Steve McFarlane

There are quite a few backup and restore tools on the Market; some are great while others are glorified copies of the originals. In any case we have managed to find some powerful solutions that can send or backup SMS messages to Gmail or simply create a backup of content on your Android phone or tablet to a SD card.

Backup to Gmail

As the name suggest this app Android backup and restore app lives to archive, or at least save a copy of your SMS, MMS and call logs. Once these are uploaded to Gmail they will be given the appropriate labels automatically (call log, MMS and SMS), so you don’t have to sort them manually.

Backup to Gmail is a lot like the free app SMS Backup+ but this one is notably more stable and user friendly. For the improved user experience that this app offers over SMS Backup+ you will have to pay $1.99.

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SMS Backup & Restore

This is another great app for backing up your phones contents. SMS Backup & Restore can be used to schedule and manually create backups in the XML file format to the phone’s SD card and send backups to an email account.

Once a backup is created you can use the app to view messages in the backup file, restore the messages or even view the backups in a browser. You can also set the app to add new messages to an existing backup file and specify how long the app should keep backups before deleting them.

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Other Apps You May be happy With

If you need to create a local backup of you phone contents ‘SMS Backup & Restore’ is one of your best options, especially since it is a free application. However, if you want something to send your messages to Gmail and don’t mind paying for an app that really works, we recommend ‘Backup to Gmail.’

There are other Android SMS backup apps that are available.  An advanced and feature rich option is VeryAndroid SMS Backup. In addition to being able to backup/restore messages between a computer and your Android, you will be able to send SMS from the computer as well as port messages you have on another phone, be it an iPhone, Blackberry, Windows Mobile or Nokia phone.


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