The Best Android Flashlight App

By Steve McFarlane

Tiny Flashlight + LED is one of the best Android flashlight apps you will find.  It works so well we don’t see the point in looking at any other flashlight app; you could, but why should you..? Tiny really works so well.

You can use the app to turn on the phone’s led flash and use it as a flashlight. The app has two lighting options depending on the hardware specifications of your device. You can choose to use the LED flash, if your camera has one or turn up the brightness of the display to provide lighting if the phone doesn’t have a LED flash.

The ‘screen light’ options are the most flexible and interesting though. For example, you can set the display background to be fully white, for maximum brightness or choose multiple colors and have the display flash to give a nightclub like effect. The app can be used as a safety device as well.  If you have car trouble in a dark area, use the app to turn on a warning light, flashing traffic lights or police lights etc.

Feature summary:

  • It uses your phone’s camera led as a flashlight
  • Can also use the display as a light source
  • Has many useful light schemes such as traffic lights, warning lights, police lights, Color Light, etc.
  • Quick access widget

See the app in action below:

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