Overview: Track Recorder Plugin for the Torque OBD App

By Steve McFarlane

The Torque OBD app (free or Pro) is a powerful and exceptional useful Android auto diagnostic and performance application in its own right. The Track Recorder plugin adds video recording functionality

This plugin was specifically written for the ‘Torque’ Android OBD app; it allows you to overlay your car’s OBD2 data onto a video. This is a great way to see important performance numbers placed on top of video clips of you driving.
Some of the app’s more features include:

  • Watch the video you made with OBD data (speed, turbo boost, rpm) GPS, Accelerometers overlaid onto the video
  • Has semi-transparent Google Maps overlay that allows you can watch your position on a map and the video at the same time
  • Hi-Def/HD or Low-def video support
  • Recording dashboard layout that helps you customize the app according to your preference
  • New sensors and gauges being added with each update
  • Access to all the powerful features of the Torque OBD app

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See the video in action in this video:

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