Android Data Usage Monitor App Review: Onavo

By Steve McFarlane

In a previous article we explained how to monitor Android’s data usage to ensure that you don’t spend more than you plan to on your mobile data plan. In this article we introduce a way to monitor the data usage of individual Android apps to ensure that you don’t overspend on you mobile data plan.

Onavo was first developed for iOS. On that platform the app is reported to cut mobile data by around 75%. That is a significant amount owing to the fact that overage charges and data caps can really sour the mobile experience. Now there is an Android version of Onavo, albeit one with a smaller basket of features.

Since the Android platform allows apps to use networks services in the background, getting information on an app’s data usage profile can help you identify data hogs. Onavo can help you cut back on data usage, even before the apps runs, with its Soluto like profile of how newly installed apps have been reported to use data by other Android users.

Onavo for Android is actually a ‘Lite’ version of the original. It doesn’t provide any data compression/data-shrinking just yet, however it does give visibility and control over the data consumption of apps running on Android devices.

  • Receive status notifications on apps that are hogging your data connection, alerts on when you are approaching your data cap and warnings when you are roaming
  • Blocks data hogs by restricting specific apps to Wi-Fi, or block your 3G data altogether once you exceed your data cap to avoid additional costs
  • Tap into the collective wisdom of Android users everywhere. This will help you keep your mobile data in check by letting you know whether an app is safe to use as soon as you download it
  • Data plan watchdog tracks, predicts and gives early alerts when usage reaches predefined limits or a data cap
  • Give tips on best value data plans from various carriers based on your actual usage

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