The Best Android Golf GPS App

By Steve McFarlane

Being able to measure the distance to various golf course obstacles and at the same time track and analyze your own statistics can be a real game changer. These golf apps will put a powerful tool in your pocket that can drastically improve your game or at least lift it above the standard of your buddy’s.


In addition to being able to track distances, Golfshot has over 35,000 professional mapped courses with aerial view and distance to any point on the course. With so many reasonable priced golf GPS apps it is difficult to recommend an application that charges $29.99, but that’s what Golfshot costs. Golfshot does have some graphing and stats features that help it justify it relatively high asking price though. For example, you can compare your stats against those of your friends and perhaps improve your game when you have identified the areas that need work. Stats that the app can measure include:

  • Fairways Hit
  • Fairways Missed Left
  • Fairways Missed Right
  • Putts per Hole and per GIR
  • Greens in Regulation
  • Recovery Scrambling
  • Sand Saves
  • Scoring Percentages
  • Scoring Averages on Par 3’s, 4’s and 5’s

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FreeCaddie Golf GPS” claims to be the #1 golf GPS app on the Market. If the number of downloads and the above average user ratings are anything to go by, we say they aren’t lying. But the app does have the features to back those claims. FreeCaddie has over 23,000 courses mapped and will show you the distance to the front, back and center of each green. If you upgrade to the, oddly named, FreeCaddie Pro version you will also get distances to hazards and bunkers, shot measuring, and a scorecard for up to four players. Install/QR code


Here is another very good Android Golf GPS app. Like the other Android golf apps covered here, SkyDroid will give you distances to hazards, bunkers and water. You can also have the app calculate the distance to specific points on the map, which you can view from a satellite/aerial view. You will also like the “distance to your last shot” feature, which allows you to measure just how far you are driving the ball, as well as have a scientific measure of how good your swing is.

SkyDroid has over 19k courses, with courses being added all the time. Users will appreciate the fact that the app has large fonts and a thoughtfully selected color scheme, which makes the screen easy to read in bright sunlight. Install/QR code

Free Golf GPS Range Finder

If you are looking for a capable Android GPS application that is completely free, you should consider downloading this golfing application. Like the others reviewed here, you can view distances to obstacles on the course and view overhead satellite images of the green. What the free version does not have is a scorecard feature. To keep score, you will need to upgrade to the Scorecard and Statistical Module.

Even though the ‘Free Golf GPS Range Finder’ has over 21,000 mapped courses there is still a chance that you will want to play a course that is not yet mapped. If that happens you have the option of using the app to map the course yourself or request that the app’s developers do so. Install/QR code

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7 Responses to “The Best Android Golf GPS App”


very useful post, thank you


you should also consider reviewing golf pad, has the feature set of Skydroid with a cleaner interface plus a scorecard.

not a shill, just a golfer =]

Steve McFarlane

Thanks for the suggestion, I will have a look…


Free Golf GPS Range Finder is NOT free.

You get to try 3 holes, that’s it. Then you pay if you want the real version.


+1 on Golf Pad


I found freecaddie to do exactly what i need it to do. give me distances to front, middle and back of green.


The free version of FreeCaddie allows only one course to be downloaded. I paid the $4.95 for the pro version and have, so far, no complaints. Works great! Yes, GolfShot is nice too, but at 6 times the cost, not sure it’s worth it…

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