The Best Android Facebook App

By Steve McFarlane

Choosing the best Facebook application can be challenging if you simply do a search on the Market and attempt to make a choice from the long list that is presented there, especially since there are some many to choose from. We did some research, weeded out the poorly executed FB applications and came up with, what we considered to be, the Best Facebook app for Android phones.

Facebook for Android

Facebook for Android is the official Facebook app for the Android platform. The app has a clean and easy to use menu interface that allows the user to access news feeds, friend’s profiles, their photos, messages, and notifications. The app runs relative fast and has all the options to post comments, search the entire Facebook community and easily update one’s status.Facebook for Android - Best Android Facebook App

A capability that many users find useful is how easy it is to take and upload a photo to their profile. Use the little camera icon, take a photo and upload it to you profile with just a few steps. You also have the option to customize how often the app updates Facebook notifications, and even have a home screen widget that can be used to quickly update your status or see what you friends are up to. Facebook for Android is free to download and use.  Download this Facebook android app with this QR code.

Other Android Facebook Apps We looked at

A general search of the Android market will reveal Android Facebook apps such as Facebook Touch, Facebook Plus, Fbook and Facebook Pro. We think you should overlook these and go for Mobile Facebook or Facebook for Android; the others are simply a waste of your time, especially since most simply bring up the mobile Facebook page and not much else.  In fact, we believe that Facebook for Android is the best of the bunch.

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10 Responses to “The Best Android Facebook App”


What a waste of time, not a review at all, why bother posting this rubbish


What about FriendCaster, don’t think it looks as polished as the offical app but it’s far quicker (at least in my experience)


I liked Friendcaster except for one thing: I couldn’t find how to stop the popup notifications or change the notification sound (or silence them). I could care less about being notified of someone’s post. If I change my text notification sound, FB notifications change with it so I can never tell if I have a text (most important). I just uninstalled and am looking for an app that will work better for me.


I also like feiendcaster better but I can’t figure out how to upload photos that I already have in my gallery. Help!


I’ve tried the new app Fast Facebook.. is fast and slim. Try it guys!!!


The official Facebook app is horribly slow. Especially when loading pictures. There is no option to share a friend’s post or pictures. In short it just pisses me off. Friendcaster is way better but it has a huge problem when it comes to it’s memory usage. First off, it can’t be moved to the sd card and that to me is a problem. Secondly, it stores more and more data for some unknown reason and the only way to solve the problem is to clear the data every couple of days and thereby lose your login info and all of your settings. Right now i just use my browser because it’s reasonably reliable and doesn’t take forever to load everything. If someone has info on a better app I’d really like to see it.


Sadly this is not a review, it looks like an ad and is so untrue.


Who did the review of the Official Facebook App for Android Steven F’n Wonder? The FB App for Android is terrible, plain and simple. It’s EXTREMELY buggy and god forbid you deactivate your account from it. You won’t be able to authenticate back through your mobile again. I’d take the other so-called competitor app’s anyday over this lump-o-junk.

Steve McFarlane

Sometimes updates can really mess up the user experience. They have certainly been changes since the review was done.


what a crappy review. this review says nothing except “i like facebook for android”.

People coming here want to see a comparison. I personally came here because i DONT like facebook for android. the stupid app runs in the background and even when i shut it off completely, it starts itself back up. I disable all of the like options regarding this, and still it restarts its process in the background.

I have been using Facebook Fast lately. Its super fast, dont run in the background. BUT, it also sucks. Doesnt fully load up all comments sometimes, doesnt allow you to post replies MOST of the time, doesnt allow you to view certain pages (like a comment that was posted on a video).

so now im looking for a Facebook app that

1. Doesnt run in the background
2. Works.

Thats all i ask. I havent tried friendcaster but ill be giving that a try next.

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