The Best Offline Android Bible Study Tools

By Steve McFarlane

We have compiled a list of the best Android Bible study apps that is ideal for Pastors, Bible students and casual bible readers. They represent the best free and paid bible study apps for Android Tablets and phones.  The review list consists of only the most popular and highly rated Android bible study tools that we could find.


This application has a rich feature-set that makes it a standout offline bible study application. CadreBible provides a number of free bible commentaries, dictionaries, versions and other bible study resources. Some standout features include:qr CadreBible

CadreBible - Android Apps for Bible Study

  • Built-in and user created reading plans with a color-coded calendar to track one’s progress.
  • The ability to read Bibles verses along with commentaries in a parallel view
  • Greek and Hebrew texts (Nestle-Aland, Scrivener, Westcott-Hort, Septuagint & Tanach) with built-in fonts.
  • Bookmarking for a single or multiple verses with the option to sort based on the fully editable color-coded categories.
  • Create sessions and notes for a sermon or bible study
  • Copy selected verses to clipboard for later use
  • Highlight and underline words or phrases using a full color spectrum
  • Share verses via Facebook, Twitter, SMS, E-mail, Print…


To have an effective and fruitful bible study it is often necessary to have a good dictionary to properly define the scope and focus of the study. ColorDict is one such dictionary. This app allows you to download and use many dictionaries, including online and offline resources such as Wordnet, StarDict, Wikipedia and Google Dictionary. Other notable features include:qr ColorDict Dictionary Translate

  • ColorDict Dictionary Translate - Android Bible Study ToolWord suggestion
  • Save search history
  • Change color of dictionary
  • Select a word in a result
  • Send the results to other apps
  • Text-to-speech
  • Voice recognition
  • Language Translation

Bible (YouVersion)

qr Bible (YouVersion)Bible (YouVersion) - Android Bible Study SoftwareWith 100’s of thousands of downloads and generally high user ratings, Bible (from YouVersion) has really set a high water mark for other Android bibles to reach. Not only can you easily search for verses and specific keywords, you can also bookmark your favorite and share what you are reading via Twitter and Facebook.

The app also gives its users free access to many bible translations including the Message, NKJV, NET, NCV KJV, God’s Word, ASV, WEB and many others. The app also supports many foreign languages including: Japanese, German, French, Italian, Chinese (simplified and traditional), Dutch, Portuguese, Swedish, Korean, Norwegian, Czech, Bulgarian, Romanian, Russian and more.

Touch Bible Free

This is another very good offline Android bible. The app may not have as many free bibles as others we have reviewed here, but the QR Touch Bible Freestudy and translation notes that are embedded in the text, in a way, compensates for that short coming. The translation notes are really Touch Bible Free - Android Bible Applicationsdesigned to give the reader some background on the text. Notable features include:

  • The ability to customize font and display settings
  • Bible maps
  • Email share feature
  • Inbuilt Bible study notes
  • Reading plan

Bible Promisesqr Offline bible study - Bible Promises

Offline bible study - Bible PromisesBible Promises is the top Bible topic reference guide on the Android Market; it contains more than 500 popular verses and organizes them by meaningful topics for better research and navigation. For example, if you are writing a sermon or doing a Bible study on the life after death/eternal life or contentment there are categories for those, as well as others that cover boredom, children, courage, Christmas and anger

You can download any of these Bible study tools by scanning the QR Code with a barcode scanner app.


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“Bible (YouVersion) – Android Bible Study Software

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Suodns great to me BWTHDIK


A new version of MySword for Android (v.1.3) has been released!

Pls try this new bible for android cellphones and tabletpc for FREE

or google : mysword android

The following are the exciting features of MySword for Android:

Multiple offline Bibles, Commentaries and Dictionaries
Bible version verse comparison
Type your personal notes and insights
Search (concordance) for Bible, Commentaries and Personal notes
Strongs number support linked to dictionary for easy access
New in version 1.1:
Full screen mode support for more viewable text
Support for Morphological codes and link to the Dictionary view

The following are the other features of MySword for Android:

The editor for Personal notes uses a simple wiki syntax for easy formating of your notes
Copying of current verse, all text and custom selection of text in all views (Bible, Commentary, Dictionary and Personal notes) including the Search results which is very useful for Personal notes editing
Resizeable text (custom text size for easy viewing)
Allow fine adjustment of text size
Page history navigation (back and forward)
Verse link in Commentaries and Dictionaries to the Bible view.
Links between documents, e.g. Commentary reference to Bible passage
Download of modules (Bibles, Commentaries, and Dictionaries)
Backup and restore of settings, highlights, bookmarks and Personal notes



charles ngwu

you are nust wonderful



I used some applications mentioned in this article. Now Im using andBible for text browsing and reading.

For Bible study Im using application I have designed my self. My goal was to be nearer to original text using dictionaries, concordances and custom passage translation. This application is free and can be downloaded vie google play:

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