Best Quran Android Apps – The Holy Quran in English and Arabic

By Steve McFarlane

Installing the Quran on your Android device is a convenient way of carrying the words of God with you at all times. This article covers apps that have the Quran in English translation as well as apps that have an audio playback feature so you don’t have to read from the phone’s screen but instead have the words being read to you. Whether you want to read an inspirational quote from the Prophet or listen to and entire Surah, these apps should serve you well. Here is a list of the best Quran for Android apps that have translations from the Arabic language.

iQuran ProiQuran Pro - Best Quran app for Android

With this app you can read the Quran in Arabic alongside its English translation. There is even a verse-by-verse audio feature so you can hear the correct pronunciations. Other notable features include: bookmarking, navigational controls and much more.  If you are looking for a piece of software that gives the holy Quran in English then this may very well be the only app you’ll need.  In fact, we think this may be the best Quran Android app in this list. The app costs $9.56 andcan be downloaded with this QR code.  However, there is a free version that has a narrower feature-set QR code.

The Holy Quran StreamingThe Holy Quran Streaming - Holy Quran for Andrioid

As its name suggest this app doesn’t store much data on the phone but rather streams content. The app can be used to listen to the Quran being recited by one of a list of presenters.  Up to the time when this article was being written the app’s developers was promising to release enhanced functionality, which is expected to include search functionality, transliteration, Arabic text and various translations. The app costs $2.73 and can be downloaded with this QR code.

Holy Quran (Koran) in EnglishHoly Quran (Koran) in English - Android Quran App

This app has the full text of the holy Quran, but more than that it has text from the three most popular translations and puts them right beside each other so the reader can read, compare or simply get a better understanding of what the text means. The translations and their corresponding text are labeled “Y”, “P” and “S” these letters represent:

Y: = by Abdullah Yusuf Ali
P: = by Marmaduke Pickthall
S: = by Mohammad Habib Shakir

This app is not free, but costs a mere $0.99 and can be downloaded with this QR code.

Quran AndroidQuran Android - Quran apps for Android

Quran Android is an open source Quran application for Android devices. The app is currently in its early stages of development so users can expect to see more features being developed and released with the passage of time. The main developer asks that you send your feature requests and keep him in your prayers. This app is free and can be downloaded with this QR code.

Daily Quran and Hadith Reader

This is another free Quran app for Android phones. The app brings the sayings of the Prophet Muhammad to you Droid in Arabic with Daily Quran and Hadith Reader - Quran Android AppEnglish and Urdu translations. As we said before, this Arabic Android Quran app is free; you can get a copy using this QR code.


As you can see there is quite a selection of quran apps for your Android.  While we covered the English translations in this article, you can rest assured that there are many more holy Quran translations including Quran – German, Quran – French, and Quran- Chinese.

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iQuran Pro – Best Quran app for Android
The Holy Quran Streaming – Holy Quran for Andrioid
Holy Quran (Koran) in English – Android Quran App
Quran Android – Quran apps for Android
Daily Quran and Hadith Reader – Quran Android App

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8 Responses to “Best Quran Android Apps – The Holy Quran in English and Arabic”


Good app


Indeed it is best application. seriously all of you people need to to try this and share your comments too.


I like iQuran, but I don’t need the Arabic part on my small phone.
My favorite right now is The Holy Quran by peace through understanding, there are quite some options like different backgrounds and font size (!) and search, and I personally like the index a lot, where you can look for topics and jump right to the part in the Holy Quran


simply the best


Can’t deny that this is the best


You’ve just got to admit it


The only problem with iQuran is that it does not remember last position automatically and font size cannot be changed.

BiQuran does both things.

Holy Quran

I would recommend Holy Quran by Mobizfun the best. It has multiple arabic scripts to choose from. Many different translations, 14 international reciters, many different colorful themes, font adjustment for arabic and translation text, powerful search and many more features not other Quran app has i think.

Holy Quran Lite

Holy Quran

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