Android App Roundup: Best Educational Apps for Kids

By Steve McFarlane

There are several Android apps on the market for kids that are both educational and entertaining. Several of these apps are tailored to reach certain age groups and to impart specific concepts. The following is a round-up of five of the most highly rated Android educational apps for kids.


As the name suggests, this app was developed to help children who are just learning to count. The app uses a flashcard approach, where a number from one to ten is shown on the face of the card and the quantity is shown on the back; the child guesses the correct answer before flipping the card.

There are several other features that this math game has such as: swiping through the cards; using large buttons to move through numbers or using the random button to show a letter. The favorites mode can be used to star a card that you would like to review with your child later.  QR/Download code


Here is another educational app for preschoolers. This app allows children, as young as six months, to try their skills at recognizing shapes that are presented in bold and bright colors.  The color flashcards not only help children to learn the shapes, but colors as well, by showing a big color block on one side of the card and a picture of an object on the other side.  QR/Download code

Kids Maths

This is a great app that can help your young ones to get excited about mathematics before they enter kindergarten. In essence, the app helps kids learn about counting and numbers. The app engages children in several activities such as finding missing numbers, finding the largest or smallest number, as well as counting and telling the name of numbers. There is even a draw and learn option, that children can use to practice drawing numbers with stencils and colors of their choice.  QR/Download code

Kids ABC Phonics

Here is another great one for preschoolers; it allows kids to learn the sounds of letters and to recognize them. The app engages the user in four basic activities, namely: learn letter sounds, build letter blocks, pop

letter bubbles and make words. Though ABC apps are designed to help preschoolers learn English,

they can also be utilized in helping slow learners as well as persons who are desirous of learning English as a second language. The game play is simple, so children can listen and learn the sound each letters and the basic rules to correctly blend them. QR/Download code

Kid Paint Plus

Kids love to paint, so allowing them to play around with Kid Paint Plus on your Android is a great way to keep them occupied while helping them to develop their creativity and skills at matching colors. Your two or three year-old should find the app easy to understand and fun to use even while they play around with colors and the multiple drawings to be colored; it sure is better than them drawing on the walls. When done, their paintings can be saved and shared with friends and family.  QR/Download code

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Rachel at Zoodles

Be sure to check out Kid Mode by Zoodles as well! You can play all your favorite apps from inside and we lock down the buttons on your phone so your kids can’t mess up your phone!


Steve McFarlane

Thank you for sharing this app Rachel.


Please check out imathpractice fundamental lite android app for practicing math for kids of grade 2 to 10.It covers all the fundamentals which everybody should know.

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