Start a Party with this Karaoke App

By Steve McFarlane

Shazam is one of those cool apps that you can use to impress you friends with your seemingly super power ability to recognize virtually any tune, or song. Use Shazam to recognize what song is playing by simply having the app listen to a part of the song and it will reveal to you the artist, the album and even the lyrics of the song.

Shazam adds LyricPlay

It seems only natural that Shazam be given a karaoke feature that will enable users to choose songs and sing along to the lyrics. The new feature is called “Shazam LyricPlay” and it is available on Shazam Encore. LyricPlay syncs the song you’re listening to and displays its lyrics as it plays. The feature is currently available on Shazam Encore and (Shazam) Red apps for the iPhone and iPod touch. It works with 25,000 plus songs and growing.

The Android crowd patiently awaits being served. Until then, we will have to stick with the likes of Android Karaoke.

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