Best Android Apps for Kids: ABC Games

By Steve McFarlane

There are so many kid friendly Android apps on the market that are both educational and fun. These games are an answer for parents who are concerned about what their kids are playing and if it will enhance learning while they play. The following games can be classified as both educational and fun.

Kids Connect The Dots

This game is another fun and kid friendly game that will keep your preschooler happy and occupied while they learn. The objective of the game is to teach children to recognize and pronounce the letters of the alphabet. There are over 100 connect the dots images for children to complete and see their object come to life. The images vary and the game play is simple. There is an option to switch between draw-mode and tap mode in the preferences section. This option is easily found and very easy to manipulate. In draw mode kids can draw from one dot to the next. It is a great way for kids to learn counting and the alphabet. It was suggested that this is also a great way for older kids, who are slow learners, to get the very basic concepts especially if they need remedial work. The cost for this app is $0.99.

Kids Alphabet

This app has very engaging sound effects and is attractively arranged to help kids learn their ABC’s. It has features like ‘find a letter’ and ‘write a word’ that children often find fun and engaging. Parents have been quoted as saying “My 2 yr. old loves this game. It has helped her recognize her alphabets more fluently”. It is also perfect for persons who want to learn English in a fun manner. This app costs $1.49.

The Kids ABC Letters

The producers of ABC Letters have as a motto “delight children through learning” and they have come up with another winner, which combines fun with learning. This app allows your child to name letters, form letters, recognize letters and identify letters in context. They have a likeable female teacher who will heap praises on them when they get something right and positively reinforce their efforts. This one is highly rated by parents. This app costs $3.99.

The Kids ABC Phonics

This app is a follow up to ABC letters; it is a really fun way to practice sounds, even so, there are several things to do with this app. Kids can hold and turn a picture block and hear the letters being pronounced, they can also build their own ABC letter blocks, and pop letter bubbles, which is a clever way of combining sounds with letters. Another feature is the make words feature which helps kids to learn the nature of blending. There is a free version of this app that has limited features and a full version that costs $3.99.

If a child is learning while they play many parents are all for it. Not only can kids benefit from these games but a slow learner or a person who is learning English for the first time can really benefit as well.

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