Best Android Dating Apps

By Steve McFarlane

This is a roundup of the best rated and most popular dating and social apps for those looking to meet other singles online.  Some of the apps are mobile phone versions of their respective websites, while others provide great tools to enhance or make your social experience more enjoyable.

This roundup doesn’t include a Facebook app, which would seem like logical entries but its privacy limitations make it more suited to networking with old friends and family.  Perhaps you haven’t found the secret of making up with an Ex or you are looking for a new an exciting friendship, here are some of the best Android dating apps to get you started.

myYearbook: Dating & Fun

With over 20 million persons using the myYearbook service it sure is a great resource for finding other singles.  The app can be used to chat, view photos, and flirt with others. This matchmaking app is free.


The OkCupid dating app for android smart phones is a condense version of the dating service that is offered on OkCupid.  The app allows you to view and modify your profile;  You can also find others that matches your search criteria and potentially find someone who is perfect for you.

Fake-A-Call Free

Thousands of persons use this app to get out of meetings, awkward conversations and dates.  The app can be used to schedule a fake call and will even play a voice for the other end of the call.

Countdown Widget

Now that you have secured a dream date, ensure that you don’t forget it by using this countdown widget.  This is a very simple app that shows you the amount of time that is left until a specified date.  You can also set notifications so you can be reminded to prepare yourself for the special date or event.  This Android dating app is free.

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