Why you Need Security Software for Your Android Tablet & Phone

By Steve McFarlane

It is indeed interesting how everyone will ensure that his or her computer has the latest anti-virus software installed and running, but is nonchalant about the security of a smart phone.

Perhaps it’s the 90’s and 80’s mindset that has us still thinking that cell phones are dumb single purpose devices, that causes us to not care about the security of our mobile devices.

A wake up call to just how vulnerable cell phones are was recently raised when Google had to remove about 21 malicious apps from the market that were found to be nabbing user’s data. The apps were allegedly stolen and re-purposed to carryout all sorts of questionable stuff on the devices that they had been installed on.

The most alarming thing about the incident is the fact that most users, who had downloaded the apps (around 50,000), weren’t aware of what the applications were doing.  If you have an Android Tablet or phone you really should be running security software on.

Download and install anyone of these free security apps for your Android Tablet or phone. Clicking each link will show the QR code to download and install the security app.


Norton Mobile Security

Mobile Security (by Trend Micro)

Source: “The Mother Of All Android Malware Has Arrived: Stolen Apps Released To The Market That Root Your Phone, Steal Your Data, And Open Backdoor,” Android Police

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