The Best Android Security Apps

By Steve McFarlane

While the multi-tasking capabilities of Android give them the ability to do many wonderful and amazing things, unfortunately, these enhanced capabilities make them more susceptible to malware, viruses and other security threats. If you own an Android smartphone you really should install security software to protect your personal data, Internet surfing, and any financial transaction you use the phone to complete.

Here is a list of some of the best Android security apps. We have included an overview of the best antivirus, password protection and Android anti Spy applications you can find.  The criteria for selecting apps for this list are that they must: have high user ratings, be effective at blocking malware and other Android security issues and must be reasonably priced, if they aren’t free security software.


While some Android security software vendors offer separate solutions for anti-virus protection, data backup, remote data wipe and missing phone location, Lookout provides all of these and more in one free app.  Best of all you can see your device’s location on an online map and manage other features from the company’s Web-based interface.

In fact, if the phone is lost you can opt to remote delete all your contacts, photos, videos, e-mails and text messages.  You can then restore them, to a new phone, from the backups you had saved on While the phone provides an ample suite of cell phone security features to backup and recover your personal data, it does a very good job at blocking viruses and malicious apps as well.

Norton Mobile Security (Beta)

This is also a complete mobile security app that can be used to remotely lock, wipe or locate a lost or stolen phone. The app also provides Norton-grade anti-malware protection, and call and SMS screening of unwanted callers.

Mobile Security (by Trend Micro)qr Mobile Security (by Trend Micro)

This app provides parental control, safe surfing, unwanted call and text blocking as well as anti spy software solutions. Standout features include intrusion detection, a firewall and central management (via a third party application). This mobile security software is a free 30-Trial the full app costs $3.99.

ES Security Managerqr ES Security Manager

You can use this app to password protect individual apps, your SMS, Dialer and contacts. If the phone is lost ES Security manager can be use to get its location and remotely recover any information on the SIM card.

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8 Responses to “The Best Android Security Apps”


Nice information. But, has anyone tried Quick Heal mobile security for android? A review would help. I have been trying to figure out which security app to use. Please help!



Trust me, do NOT waste any more time. Install Lookout and consider your phone safer.

I have used Lookout since I purchased my Droid X, and it has assisted me in recovering my phone when it was stolen from me (I actually went to the person that stole it’s house and pointed on a Google Map at his house with my phone broadcasting it’s GPS location within, and he handed me the phone stating that he was just about to report it to the police. Yeah, right). It has protected me from at least two malicious apps that were reported as games. I cannot say enough about this app. And when I wrote this all to the company and thanked them for making such a fantastic product, they actually wrote me back and asked me to become a beta tester and gave me a free Premium upgrade!! Awesome company.


Lookout will only, ONLY, backup your GOOGLE contacts and NOT your phone contacts.

They are apparently working on a fix for this.

Kind of a moot service in this regard?

Apart from that, not bad.


Great text, very useful but am interesting for kaspersky, need suggestion.


All of these talk about the android phone. I am looking for my tablet security. I do not have the android phone yet. Help me figure out which one is for the tablets. Thanks

Michael Lee

I am having a problem looking for internet security for my tablet. Every program I tried to download says “your phone is not registered.” I am not using a phone, I am trying to secure a tablet. Is there any out there soley for tablets?

Steve Blanchard

I have Kaspersky on my Android tablet and have had no issues. It also has the locate and recapture app for stolen or lost tablets. My Home computer, Fujitsu tablet has the Computer version that also captures the IP address and Map of hackers trying to get in.


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