Simple Solutions for Protecting Children Using Android Phone Spy Applications

By Natalia David

Android phone spy applications may seem like a bridge too far when it comes to keeping children safe. But with so many threats able to reach and possibly influence your children via their smart phone, spy apps are often a parents’ only recourse for providing protection and oversight when they aren’t around.
While earlier android phone spy applications were rather limited in capability, today’s applications can provide 24/7 monitoring on just about any smart phone. For parents, there are three primary advantages to installing Android, BlackBerry, or iPhone spy apps on their children’s cell phone, including:

Android Phone Spy Apps Reveals Your Child’s Circle-of-Friends

It is not uncommon for children to try and hide some friends and contacts from their parents which is exactly why you should consider installing Android, Blackberry or iPhone Spy Apps on their cell phone, depending on the platform they use.
This is particularly important for children who are impressionable and greatly influenced by friends in their social network. But once you install Android phone spy technology on a child’s phone, you will be able to see Contact Details and all the details of their inner circle of friends and contacts. For greatest results, make sure you install spy Application with these core features:

  • Call Log
  • Contact Log
  • Reverse Phone Look-Up

Use Phone Spy Apps to Uncover Your Children’s Secret Activities

Just knowing who your children are talking with isn’t enough to truly keep them safe, and that’s why you need Android or iPhone Spy Apps to monitor their communications and web browsing. No, we aren’t just talking about monitoring phone calls, we are talking about iPhone and Android phone tracking software that can monitor everything, including:

  • Every text message sent or received on smart phone
  • All pictures and videos created or viewed with smart phone
  • Entire web browsing history
  • All emails sent and received
  • Complete recordings of all phone calls

Not all cell phone spy apps will be able to monitor all communications and web browsing history so be sure to check for these critical surveillance tools before buying: Call Recording; Text, IM, Email, Picture, and Video Log; Internet Browsing History.

Secretly Track Cell Phone Movement

The good news for parents is that children take their cell phones with them everywhere, so it should be easy for them to keep tabs on them using iPhone spy apps and similar monitoring tools.

Unfortunately, although most Android phone spy applications include Location Tracking, these systems tend to fail when someone enters a building or covered space. Therefore, be sure to only use hi-tech cell phone monitoring tools that can track location even when the subject enters a building or covered area.

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