Send Secure SMS with Your Android

By Steve McFarlane

Most persons who send a text SMS are more interested in the convenience of getting the message to the other party quickly instead of how secure sending that message will is.  But where the content of the SMS message is of a sensitive, private or even top-secret nature ensuring that only those who are authorized to see it will see it is of utmost importance. Short of installing a corporate grade messaging service such as a Lotus Notes Android solution, there are options for the security conscious consumer.

Secure SMS

This is a client-side encrypt/decrypt Secure SMS application that allow users to securely send SMS communication by encrypting message content prior to sending to another party. The sender has peace-of-mind in know that only the recipient, who has the correct decryption key, will be able to decrypt the encrypted SMS and read it.
Some of the more notable features of the Secure SMS include:

  • Enables peer-to-peer secure message communication with AES-128 encryption and decryption
  • The app removes messages from Android’s default inbox to enhance privacy control
  • The Secure SMS can be set to use a separate key for an each contact or use a default key for all contacts
  • There is also an option to set a password (PIN) to access or view messages, as well as set a PIN to access the option menu and keys management page.
  • Notification when a secure message is received via a status bar notification and one click to view and access the same.

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How does this app connect to the inbox.Like if i want to type a msg do i go to the app or the normal inbox and then i find an option ther saying encrypt.and when i recieve a msg(encrypted) i open in the inbox selecting decrypt or go to app and then decrypt so i just want to know how is the connection done.i am creating a project on the same lines.please help.It will be very greatful of u if u cud help me.thanks

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