Review of Kaspersky Mobile Security 9 for Androids

By Steve McFarlane

Our mobile phones offer us a convenient way to conduct business, interact with friends and command a host of entertainment and productivity applications to make life fun and productive. Unfortunately the technology that is pack into smart phones also makes it easier for our privacy and data to be compromised.

There are quite a few mobile phone security apps that one can use to protect a Android mobile device, but in this article we will highlight one robust solution that can help you recover your phone from theft, protect it from malware and protect you and your loved ones from inappropriate content.

Kaspersky Mobile Security is a comprehensive security solution that works on Symbian, Windows Mobile, Blackberry and Android cell phones and tablets. Kaspersky Mobile protects the device by blocking dangerous network connections, preventing virus breaches with scheduled scans and on-demand scans.

Not only does the app provide real-time protection against viruses, by consistently scanning for viruses and other threats, but has other powerful security features as well. Some of these features include:

  • Lost or Stolen Phone Locator – The app may be powerless to prevent someone from taking your phone, or stop you from loosing it, but just in case you are so unfortunate, you can use Mobile Security 9 to locate the phone using GPS. You start the phone recovery process by sending a special SMS to the missing device, which will then cause the device to respond by sending you a Google Maps link that pinpoints its exact location.You can also remotely block anyone from using the device and accessing its contents. If the data that is store on it is of a very sensitive nature, Kaspersky Mobile Security 9 gives you the option to remotely wipe that data so no one can see or use it. If you plan ahead, you can also set a message that will be displayed when the phone is blocked; this should help anyone who finds the device to locate the rightful owner, if they are so inclined.
  • Privacy Protection – This feature secures your contacts and content from unauthorized access. You may not have a list of high profile celebrities on your phone but that doesn’t take away from the fact that most of us care much about protecting our privacy. Use the app to hide your contacts and call logs just in case the phone gets in the hands of someone you don’t want to know who you are calling or messaging.
  • Call and SMS Filtering – Block unwanted calls and Messages from certain persons by creating a black list of numbers you don’t want to take calls from, and a white list of numbers you want to allow to reach you. You can also use the app, as a parental control tool. Use the app to prevent a wayward son or daughter from running up a huge bill, or restrict them from messaging certain of their friends as punishment for some other deviant action.

Should You Get it?

An achilles heel of many security applications is how easy it is to uninstall them once they get into the wrong hands. To close this loophole we recommend that you set the appropriate passwords on your phone.  If you don’t do so a knowledgeable crook can simply uninstall the app before swapping SIM cards and start using the phone as their own.

Once you have properly setup up Kaspersky Mobile Security 9 you will have protected your Android with one of the best Android security apps on the Market.

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As with most such apps, this only works for devices with SMS capability. WiFi-only tablets without SMS are out of luck, for now, so the last sentence that references use for tablets is only partially correct. (If there is a way to make this work on a WiFi-only tablet, I’d like to know. Alternatively if anyone has a recommendation for an anti-theft app that doesn’t rely on SMS, I’d like to know that too.)


How is this a review it just regurgitates the specs from the web site and concludes its great. err what about testing with viruses and checking resource use.

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