Remote Wipe Apps for Android Phones and Tablets

By Steve McFarlane

The remote wipe feature exists to give mobile phone owners, companies and system administrators a way to wipe data from a device that contains important/sensitive information that should never get in the hands of others.

There aren’t many persons who know that every Android device contains a Master Clean command. The code is a simply security feature that was designed for corporations and entities that can implement the feature on their Microsoft Exchange servers and similar systems.

Fortunately consumers can still have access to this feature by installing an Android security app that has the remote wipe service.  Here are some of the best Android remote wipe apps.


While other Android security app developers offer separate solutions for data backup, anti-virus protection and remote data wipe, Lookout provides an all-in-one solution for free. The solution allows you to see a map-based view of your phone’s current location and manage other features from the company’s web-based interface.

If the phone is lost you can opt to remotely delete all your contacts, photos, videos, emails and text messages using the web interface. You can then restore what you had deleted to a new phone, from the backups you had saved to

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Norton Mobile Security (Beta)

This is also a feature rich mobile security app that can be used to remotely lock, wipe or locate a phone, if it is misplaced, lost or stolen. The app also provides Norton-grade anti-malware protection, as well as call and SMS screening of unwanted callers.

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PhoneLocator Pro

This app has quite a few tricks up its sleeve, some of which include the ability to:

  • Get notifications about phone numbers that a thief is calling or receiving calls from as well as the phone’s location when the calls were made
  • Receive a notification if the SIM card is changed
  • Find your nearby phone by making it ring at maximum volume, even if it is left in silent or vibrate mode

The app also has some other advance features that are only available on devices running Android 2.2 and above. These features include the ability to:

  • Remotely lock and/or wipe the phone
  • Lock the device if an unregistered SIM is detected
  • Lock the device when the display goes to sleep

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 Kaspersky Mobile Security 9

Kaspersky Mobile Security is a comprehensive security solution for popular smart phone platforms such as Windows Mobile, Blackberry and Androids. Not only does the app provides real-time protection against viruses, but it also has other powerful security features as well. Some of which include:

  • Lost or Stolen Phone Locator – sending a special SMS to the missing device, will cause it to respond by sending you a Google Maps link that pinpoints its exact location.
  • Make the phone unusable – You can also remotely block anyone from using the device and accessing its contents. Kaspersky Mobile Security 9 also gives you the option to remotely wipe that data.
    If you had planned ahead, you can also set a message that will be displayed when the phone is blocked; this should help anyone who finds the device to locate the rightful owner, if they are so inclined.
  • Privacy Protection – This feature secures your contacts and content from unauthorized access. Use this feature to hide your contacts and call logs just in case the phone gets in the wrong hands.
  • Call and SMS Filtering – Block unwanted calls and messages from certain numbers.

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Yesterday I bought from Kaspersky Mobile Security 9 for my wife’s cell phone. very easy to use & really nice software


Hi There
My HTC desire was recently stolen. I had thought it was locatably as HTC sense had the locate feature. Only when I tried to actually used it, did I discover that HTC had scrapped the system without letting anyone know. Is there any other way I can track/locate this phone without pre-installed software.

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