Password Management Apps For Android

By Steve McFarlane

You will need to have a good password manager or similar security app if you store sensitive information on your phone or tablet or frequently use them fill out forms online. This is a roundup of password manager that are great at protecting sensitive information such as web logins and passwords, credit card numbers and social security numbers. Some will even automatically fill-out online forms for you with the press of a button and consolidate your passwords so you don’t have to re-enter the same info every time.

RoboForm (free)

RoboForm is a password manager and form filler for Androids. Once you setup your ‘RoboForm Everywhere’ account you can automatically login to your favorite sites using your stored login information. We didn’t find a way to add a new password from the app, so we figure that you will always have to do so from your desktop. In a way, this takes away from the whole focus on convenience that the app should have, but it is a solid Android password manager nonetheless. QR code

mSecure – Password Manager ($4.99)

This app is ideal for storing sensitive and important information such as web logins credit card numbers, frequent flyer and social security numbers on your Android. mSecure stores your important and sensitive information safely and securely using the ultra-secure and industry-proven 256bit Blowfish data encryption technology.

In essence, any sensitive info that is stored in the app will be protected with strong encryption. In fact, you can set the app to delete all sensitive information if a set number of failed logins occur; you will be glad you set this option if the device is lost or stolen. The app has pre-defined templates for Web Logins, Credit Cards, and Email Accounts to get you started on using mSecure.


  • Landscape support
  • Password hint feature helps you remember your own password
  • Premium users have features such as collapsible section headers and the option to view records by type or description
  • Customizable templates with unlimited fields
  • Integrated search for quick record look-up
  • Uses strong 256bit Blowfish encryption
  • Self-destruct mode can be set to delete your data after a set number of failed attempts
  • Has a password generator/password suggestion feature

QR code

LastPass Password Mgr Premium

Filling out large forms on a mobile device can be time consuming and tedious. LastPass helps you to be more efficient when filling out forms and login credentials by automatically completing those fields for the user; in that sense it is more than a password manager. The app will also securely sync passwords across all you browsers and devices if you want. QR code

ES Security Manager

In addition to being able to password protect you address book and text messages, you can use this app to password protect individual apps as well.  If your phone is lost ES Security manager can be use to get its location as well as recover any contact, or information that is on the SIM card. QR code

There are other good Android password managers that didn’t make this list for one or more reasons.  Here are a few that are worth mentioning: Password Safe, SafeWallet, Password Manager Free, Passdroid and Universal Password Manager.

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