Never Forget your Phone Again with Halo Loss Prevention

By Steve McFarlane

Smart phones are pretty expensive, so losing one can be a big deal. While there are solutions to help you find the phone if it is lost, most solutions wont work unless you had installed tracking software before the phone went missing. On the other hand, Halo was designed to help you avoid losing the phone in the first place by raising an alert whenever you or the phone is moving apart.

How it Works

Phone Halo is a free app and a Bluetooth keychain dongle combo. Both devices connect to each other via Bluetooth; when both devices move apart from each other the phone and/or the dongle will alert you. In a way it works like the Bringrr Classic, which ensures that you don’t leave a restaurant, taxi or train without your cell phone or other valuable.

In essence you can purchase multiple tags and use them on any item you don’t want to leave. For example, if you keep a tag on your key chain you will get notified should you try to leave the house without your phone. You can also use the tags on bags and other personal effects. The app is free but the Halo tag is a separate purchase.

Nit Picking

Most customers of this service report that it works pretty well, but some report that they still get alerts even though both devices are relative close to each other. The app itself is well designed, but the tag could use a more sturdy construction. In any case the solution works pretty well.

See Phone Halo in action below:

If You Have Already Lost the Phone

Even if you don’t have a cell phone tracker installed all hope is not lost. If you have already lost or misplaced your phone and don’t have another phone to ring it, try PhoneMyPhone. You can use the service to ring your phone; assuming that it is within earshot, you should be able to hear it ring and easily locate it.

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