Android Video, Photo, Gallery and App Locks

By Steve McFarlane

Whether others may or may not find the videos, pictures and apps you have on your Android questionable, sometimes you just want to keep things private or ensure that your stuff is not available for all to see if you Android phone or tablet gets into the wrong hands.

Android privacy apps aren’t only great at hiding your media from those you never want to use your phone, but these apps are also great in situations where you want to allow your child to play around on your phone without risking them stumbling across content that is not appropriate for them, or risk having them messing around with important apps, media and documents you have stored on the device.

Here are some apps that will lock your pictures and videos in a vault and also hide the installed apps you want to keep secret.

Hide It Pro

Hide It Pro password protects and hide the pictures, videos, audio files and even applications that you don’t want anyone to see.  The apps disguises itself as a full functional audio manager app which can be used to turn the volume up and down, but when you long press on the Audio Manager’s title the actual ‘Hide It Pro’ app will launch.

You can hide Images/Videos/Audio Recordings etc. from the Phone’s stock gallery by selecting all the files you want to hide and selecting ‘Share’. Applications can be hidden from within ‘Hide it Pro’ as well.


  • Hide It Pros disguises itself behind a fully functional Audio Manager
  • Segregates videos, pictures and audio within the dashboard
  • Categorize media into folders of your choice
  • Unhide entire folders, or select multiple files to unhide each
  • Thumbnails for pictures and videos on all devices
  • Optimization for low-end phones. (uncheck the low memory mod from settings to get crisper pictures back)
  • Disappears from recent apps list
  • Escape pin/password for times when you get caught
  • Built in military standard 256-bit AES encryption


Hide Pictures in Vaulty

Keep your pictures & videos safe and private with Vaulty. If you have pictures and videos on your phone that you don’t want others to see, you can hide them from prying eyes with Vaulty. Once Vaulty is at work, hidden pictures can’t be viewed, even by file managers.

If you want even more privacy, upgrade to Vaulty Stocks, which disguises your picture and videos as a fake stocks app. Other features include the ability to share pictures videos, and slideshows.


Smart Gallery (Gallery Lock+)

This is another video and picture vault app for your Android. Like other Android gallery lock apps this privacy app protects your media with a password, and also has media management capability, which you will surely need if you have quite a bit of files to work with.


Smart Lock Free (App/Media)

If you are not only concerned about others seeing your pictures and videos but want to reserve the use of installed apps for yourself only then you should give Smart Lock a try.

Smart Lock essentially hides installed apps, pictures and other media files behind a password. Once the app is installed no one will be able to see locked apps, pictures, and video and documents unless they have the password.

The only reservations we have about this app is the risk of loosing your file if you forget to unlock your files before you delete the app. If you forget to unlock your files before deleting the app you will loose your files. However, you can try recovering files by reinstalling Smart Lock, click ‘Setting’ then ‘Recovering locked media’.


  • App Locking
  • Can lock an individual picture, media, file or entire gallery
  • Locking USB storage
  • Select lock type (PINs/Pattern)
  • Change button size/image
  • Fake mode shows fake error massage on lock screen. (Move to lock screen when pressing error message longer.)
  • Quick start (Executing Smart Lock by calling to dial #000)
  • Manage pictures by folders
  • Hide service icon in Notification area
  • Schedule when an app should be locked
  • Show/hide Smart Lock icon in installed App list, Home Launcher
  • Backup/Recovery


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