Android App Locks

By Steve McFarlane

Sure you can use PINs and Patterns to secure your Android, but for times when you allow others to browse your phone but you don’t want them to see what apps are installed, you will want an Android Application lock to manage what installed applications are visible.

An Android App lock not only hides installed applications but some of the best also allow you to create a secret vault for your photos, videos and documents as well. Two of the best-rated Android app protectors are “Hide It Pro” and “Smart Lock”.

Hide It Pro

Hide It Pro hide makes your apps, pictures, videos and audio files vanish as if they aren’t installed on your Android. While it will be easy enough for you to find your content when you need it, someone who is casually browsing your phone will not know they are there; and if you setup the app correctly they won’t even know that an app vault is installed either.

When you are ready to use your applications or file all you need is the right password and knowledge of how to access the app lock. Hide It Pro disguises itself as a fully functioning audio manager app. However, when you long press the Audio Manager’s title the actual app will launch.

Other Features:

  • Built in military standard 256-bit AES encryption
  • Organize media into folders
  • Can unhide entire folders at once, or individual files
  • Optimization for low-end phones
  • Disappears from recent apps list
  • Escape pin/password for times when you get caught


Smart Lock Free (App/Media)

If you are not only concerned about others seeing your pictures and videos but want to reserve the use of installed apps for just yourself, you should give Smart Lock a try.

In essence, Smart Lock hides installed apps, pictures and other media files behind a password. Once Smart Lock is installed and setup, your media or applications can’t be discovered or viewed in the normal way, certainly not without the password.

If you decide to use this app, we counsel you to try and not forget to unhide any asset you had previously hid before you uninstall the app. If you fail to do so, you may lose your files for good. In any case you can try to recover the files by reinstalling Smart Lock, clicking “Setting” then clicking “Recovering locked media”.

Other Features of Smart Lock:

  • App Locking
  • Can lock an individual picture, media, file or entire gallery
  • USB storage Locking
  • Selectable lock types (PINs/Pattern)
  • Fake mode shows fake error massage on lock screen
  • Quick start (Executing Smart Lock by calling to dial #000)
  • Manage pictures by folders
  • Hide service icon in Notification area
  • Schedule when an app should be locked
  • Show or hide the app’s icon in Home Launcher and the installed Apps list
  • Backup/Recovery


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