Top Android PDF Readers Creaters and Viewers

By Steve McFarlane

Whether you need to use your Android to create PDF files, use your Tablet to view a PDF ebooks or use your Android phone to attach a signature to a PDF, we believe this list of Android PDF apps are up to the task.

BeamReader PDF Viewer Full Key

If you need to be able to view Adobe PDF files from your Android mobile device in the same quality that you are used to when viewing them on a desktop computer you should have a look at this premium application. You will pay a premium for the app ($9.00), but at that price you get:

  • Fast full fidelity rendering
  • Intuitive granular zoom/navigation
  • Text wrap view
  • Multi-touch/Pinch-to-zoom
  • Encrypted/password protected PDFs
  • Text search
  • Bookmarks
  • Embedded links

Install/QR code

Fill and Sign PDF Forms

This app is more than an Android PDF reader. In fact, you can use the app to complete a PDF form containing AcroFields or attach a signature. In order to capture a signature the app needs to have an external Signature Capture library install, not to worry the app will prompt you to install the library if it is needed. Once you are done filling out the form you can save it, use the PDF viewer to proof read it and then mail it out from the app.  Install/QR code

CamScanner -Phone PDF CreatorCamscanner - Phone To Scanner

You can use CamScanner to capture business cards, recipes, and magazine and book pages; you can then convert them to PDF files using your Android. Built-in algorithms will enhance the captured image to ensure that the finished document looks good. Once you have created the PDF file you can tag and share it. The app is not perfect but it works surprisingly well.  Install/QR code

Other PDF for Android Apps

There are a few other great PDF apps for Androids the following are two good ones.

Web to PDF – Use this Dolphin browser addon to printout invoices after you make a purchase online, or you can simple use the addon to read a PDF file from your phone whenever you need to.

PDF Viewer for Dolphin – As the name suggests, this is an Android PDF viewer that is designed as an addon for the Dolphin browser. Not only can you use this app to view PDF files with Android devices but you can also view Google Word and PowerPoint Documents without leaving the browser.

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