Top 3 Android Tip Calculators

By Steve McFarlane

Sure you can use a calculators to split a bill among a friends or colleagues, but it can get pretty tedious when you have to calculate a tax, separate drinks charges, tips and other add-on fees. If your brain is not as sharp, or your phone’s calculator is too limited, here are some apps to take the guesswork out of how much each person should pay.

Tip Calculator

This app simply calculates the how much each person needs to contribute to a bill. There is also an option to add a tip and calculate that as part of the bill split. It a pretty simple app that accepts the following fields: “Amount of Bill”, “Percentage to Tip”, “Total # of people”, “#People drinking (optional)”, and “Amount for drinks (optional)”. Once those figures are entered it will calculate:

  • Tip Amount
  • Total Per Person (w/o drinks)
  • Total Per Person (with drinks)
  • Total to Pay

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Tip Calculator (NO AD)-tip

This powerful and easy to use companion for calculating and dividing meal and drinking charges between any number of your friends. With over 250k downloads and above average user ratings (4.64), this is one of the best Android tip calculators you can find, not only because it has most of the tools you need to calculate tips, but also because it is a free app that doesn’t run Ads.


  • Easy to use
  • Can include and calculate a tax as well
  • Has a simple numeric soft keyboard for entering the numbers
  • Round bill and tip support
  • AD Free

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Tip Me (Tip Calculator)

Like the other tip calculators that we mentioned before, ‘Tip Me’ is a great way to determine how much each of your friends will pay after you’ve had your meal and drinks, but it has to features to make the process easier, more convenient and more flexible. For example, you can manually adjust how much each person is to pay, so someone else can pick-up the tab for someone who can’t cover their split.


  • Calculates in real time
  • Option to reset the fields with a shake of the device
  • Split bill between any # of people
  • Separately adjust each individual’s amount
  • Specify your own custom tip percent (set default in menu)
  • Rounding options
  • Calculate pre and post tax
  • Move to SD (Froyo)
  • Customize the look by choosing from three available fonts
  • Ad Free

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We searched for but could not find an Android tip calculator that integrates with a personal finance app so you can track how much you had spent on the split without manually entering it into another app. If you know of such a solution please let us know about it in the comments section.

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