Top 3 Android Audio Apps for Recording Conversations

By Steve McFarlane

This is a roundup of the best Android audio recorder apps we could find. These are great apps for recording lectures, one-on-one conversations and what’s happening in your immediate surroundings.


Having the ability to record a phone conversation with your Android is one thing, but ensuring that the audio quality is good is another matter. ClearRecord gives your phone the ability to suppress Ambient Noise that is often inadvertently captured while recording audio.

The Ambient Noise Reduction (ANR) feature, allows you to record conversations in noisy environments (i.e. street, train, classroom or stadium) while allowing the voice to remain clear. This Android audio recorder also has the ability to control playback speed without modifying pitch quality and background recording. The Slow play-speed feature allow transcribers and new-language-learners to slow down and listen clearly to a fast speaker, while Fast play-speed cuts short the time required to listen to a long recording. QR Code

AndRecorder – Free

This is not a call recorder app , instead you can use AndRecorder as a Dictaphone, memo, voice, or conversation recorder. The app will record the audio in a WAV file and gives the options to send the recording via email. The sort feature is quite handy for finding your way through lots of recordings as well.  Additional features in the premium version include:

  • Menu option to create a ring tone from a recording
  • Direct skip to any point in the recording using the slider button
  • Increase the playback speed (double or quadruple)
  • Large button to start and stop recordings
  • Can pause and resume a recording – great for excluding unimportant bits of a conversation or presentation
  • Audio recording length is limited by only the phone’s storage capacity
  • Saves audio records in the widely supported WAV file format
  • Supports 11025, 22050 and 44100 Hz frequency rates
  • You can replay, pause-record, stop, delete or loop recordings (repeat One/All/None)
  • Sort by recording date or name (show today’s/week’s/all recordings)
  • Email recording once the file size doesn’t exceed the maximum allowed by your email service provider
  • Can specify various recording date formats
  • Records during screen-off

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TapeMachine Lite Recorder

TapeMachine is a high-quality sound recorder and editor. It features a powerful waveform display that allows you to select, edit, export, loop and scratch audio files. Other features include:

  • Fade in, fade out, normalize
  • Record when locked
  • Input gain and auto-gain
  • Compact home screen widget
  • File and folder manager
  • Send file via mail, to Dropbox, etc
  • Use front or back microphone (if available)
  • Set engine sample rate, latency etc.
  • Rec/play/convert WAV, AIFF, FLAC

There are two versions of the app; the Lite version is limited to 1-minute playback/recording per file, so you need to purchase the full version to remove this limitation. The full version ($5.70) also supports OGG Vorbis natively, as well as external codecs such as MP3. To record and play MP3 files you need to install the MP3 codec, which is not included by default.

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Ravindra L. Koppikar

July 10, 2012.

I am a senior stenographer mostly working with senior advocates and counsels. My job is attending conference, taking dictation, transcribing the proceedings of the conference and finally mailing the same to their email addresses. I am also doing legal documentation and for this I need a recording device like ClearRecordLite which would enable me to transcribe the dictated version into English language on my laptop at my pace (i.e. at a slower pace). Mostly these dignitaries from legal fraternity tend to dictate at higher speed which may sometimes disable me to give correct transcription. Hence, please let me as to how can I order ClearRecordLite and at what cost. Please do the same at your earliest convenience and oblige.

Mob. 9022884062
Res: 0250 2022321


Hello ,i have being looking for an app that can record my conversationon on my Galaxy S II ,what i have being finding is app that only record my voice not the other party voice, Can you suggest eany apps

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