The Best Android Wi-Fi Analyzer

By Steve McFarlane

It can be challenging to optimize Wi-Fi signals without the right tools. However, with an Android device and the ‘WiFi Analyzer’ app you can improve the performance of your personal and business wireless networks by identifying the channels with the best signal strength and avoid using crowded channels.

Wifi Analyzer

Wifi Analyzer allows you to view a graphical representation of the various Wi-Fi networks that are within range. The app also shows the channels that are being transmitted on and whether they are overlapping other channel’s broadcasts.  This information can be very useful in that it can allow you to identify crowded channels so you can configure your router to avoid using them, if possible. This is also a great way to remedy network congestion problems and other wireless network performance issues.

To reduce how much power the WiFi service consumes you can specify when the app powers on or off the Wi-Fi transmitter. For example, you can configure Wifi Analyzer to turn on the service when you start the app and to automatically turn it off when you exit the app. Other features:

  • Merge duplicate AP (merge access points that have the same BSSID, SSID channel)
  • Shows security protocols being used
  • Shows a real-time graphical representation of Wi-Fi signal strength and channels being used
  • Shows signal strength in the dBm unit of measurement
  • Great for analyzing public and free Wi-Fi access points.

This free WiFi analyzer can be installed from this Qr code.


See the app in action in this video:

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If you are a WiFi Professional you will want to look at Wolf WiFi Pro. In addition to all the normal WiFi stuff you expect it also does Site Surveys and has a Heat Map tool. Really good on a phone, awesome on a tablet.

Steve McFarlane

This definitely one for the professional. Thanks for letting us know about this app.

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