Sync Android Contacts with Gmail

By Steve McFarlane

Android phones aren’t only capable of syncing with Gmail contacts but in fact all of your Google services (i.e. calendar, bookmarks); this helps you better integrate your digital life into your Android phone or Tablet. One of the things that you are asked to do when you first turn-on your Android is to enter your Gmail email address.

Once you enter a valid Gmail address you will receive all emails that come to that account on your Android; you will be able to reply, send, edit and attach files to emails just as you would from the desktop version of Gmail.

Its Easy

In essence, you don’t need to synchronize your Android with Gmail. Once you enter your Gmail address your Android contact manager should be synchronized with the Gmail server automatically. So there is no need for USB connection kits, driver installs, PC syncing and backup programs.

How to Manually Sync or Import Email Contacts

If you wish to manually confirm this process, you can use the following steps:

  • From your computer, login to your Gmail account
  • Click the ‘Contact’ icon, it is usually located in the top right hand corner of the Gmail homepage
  • Press ‘New Group’; you will be directed to creating a new contacts page. Just make entries of all the contact you have on your Android device and press ‘save’ to save all the recently updated contacts
  • From your Android, Sign-in to your Gmail account
  • Proceed to the main menu and press the ‘contacts’ icon.
  • From the drop-down menu, select your Gmail account, and then click turn on the “Sync Contacts” option.

This will confirm that you have successfully synchronized your Android contacts with those on your Gmail account; all the available contacts on your phone or tablet will be transferred to your Gmail contacts list.

Here is an official video from Google explaining the process.

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