How to Send Emails & SMS to a Group Using your Android

By Steve McFarlane

Being able to send emails or SMS out to a group is an effective way to communicate with a number of persons without having to type and send separate messages to each contact. While it is true that using an auto-responder, such as AWeber or iContact is the most reliable way of ensuring that you message reaches recipient’s inboxes, if you don’t send bulk messages from your Android they shouldn’t get block by spam filters.

In any case, here are some of the best email apps for Android phones and tablets; they will also do a pretty job of delivering SMS as well.

DW Contacts & Phone – Use this app to manage (create, edit, copy, change and delete) one or multiple contacts at once.  DW Contact not only allows for the management of groups but also how you interact with the contacts within groups as well. For instance, you can use the batch mode to send SMS, MMS and emails to multiple contacts, groups, organizations.

GO Contacts – This is yet another powerful tool that is an ideal replacement for the stock Android Contacts and Dialer apps. Some of GO Contacts’ best features include the ability to do fast searches, group management, merge duplicate contacts and perform secure backups and recoveries. But most importantly, you can use it to send batch SMS or email to a Group.

iGroups – Use this app to manage Android based contacts and send them emails and SMS based on multiple criteria. You can message contacts based on their name, phone number, organization, address, email, relationship, website, and birthday.

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