Google Android Barcode Scanners – The Two Best

By Steve McFarlane

Nearly every product on the market has a barcode, which makes it easy to use a smart phone based barcode scanner to decode those barcodes (QR Codes as well) to retrieve relevant product information about the product.

Two of the best Android barcode scanners are ShopSavvy, and an app that’s simply named Barcode Scanner. At the core of these applications is a common barcode decoding library called Zxing that was developed by Google engineers. The library enable the apps to decode barcodes right on the phone–without accessing the Internet, but still can go online to fetch more information such as current prices, location of retailers and reviews.

While ShopSavvy and Barcode Scanner can decode nearly all QR Codes and barcodes, they do particularly well at retrieving information related to DVDs, CDs, video games and books, but may not so well when it comes to finding retail information on food items and clothing. Android barcode scanners are also a convenient way of installing new applications by simply using the app to simply scan the QR Code in which resides download instructions for the app in question.

To use the barcode scanning feature simply open the app; set it to scanning mode; point it at the barcode or QR Code and wait for it to recognize the code. From there, the app will tell you what information it has retrieved from the code and give you several options to precede.

While the Barcode Scanner app will access the Internet to find pricing, reviews and other relevant information, ShopSavvy is more of a personal shopping assistant of sorts. Once you’ve successfully scanned a product, the app will search the Internet for the best prices, product reviews, as well as the contact information and location of businesses that are selling the product.

ShopSavvy also gives the user the option to add the product to a wish list and setup price alerts at which they may become interested in making a purchase.

ShopSavvy has the best interface of the two apps, but if you just want to get pricing information, read reviews and find retailers that are of interest to you, Barcode Scanner should be all you need.

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