Best Paid Android Offline Browsing Apps

By Steve McFarlane

Whether you are often in an area that doesn’t have good data services or you want to limit your mobile data usage, using an offline browsing app is a great way to ensure that you will be able to read Internet content even where there is no network connection.  These offline-browsing apps can save web pages and articles for reading at a later date:

Read It Later Pro

Because “Read It Later” is tied to an account you can save articles from a computer browser, phone or tablet to be viewed later. This means that you can save an article or web page while you are at work and access it on a train, plane or anywhere else that you wont have Internet service.

When you are ready to read the article or webpage the ‘Article View’ feature ensures that only the words, images, captions and videos are captured and saved – as an alternative, you can download the entire webpage to preserve the user experience as the webmaster had intended it to look. In either case the app ensures that you don’t have to start reading from the beginning every time you go back to continue reading the article. It does so by remembering the exact scroll position you were at when last you read the article.

‘Read It Later’ is also integrated in many popular Android apps, so there are many ways to get the Android offline browsing experience. Some apps that have ‘Read It Later’ already integrated include: Dolphin Browser HD, Pulse, AndReader and FeedR. QR Code

InstaFetch PRO

This offline reader works in a similar way to ‘Read It Later’ in that you can save a web page you want to read later. The app is integrated with so you can bookmark all the pages you want to read later on online. This means that you can continue reading on your computer, Kindle, phone or tablet. InstaFetch also allows you to listen to articles using Text-to-speech. Some of the app’s best features include:

  • Support for Instapaper folders
  • Full-screen reading
  • Automatic pagination of articles
  • Text-to-Speech capabilities
  • Night mode (bright text on dark background)
  • Star your favorite articles
  • Evernote integration
  • Wi-Fi-only auto-sync mode
  • Priority support

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