Best Contact Managers for Android

By Steve McFarlane

A good contact manager will allow you to manage a group of contacts whether they are host on Gmail, an Exchange server or a bulk mailing service such as iContact. In addition, you should be able to add or delete contacts, or easily message an entire group of contacts. Here are some Android contact managers that will allow you to do these and more.

DW Contacts & Phone

Once you have the app installed you will be able to manage (create, edit, copy, change and delete) a single or multiple contacts at once. With its support for local, Gmail and Exchange accounts, it is possible to copy contacts from Gmail to an Exchange account, and visa versa.

DW Contact not only allows for the management of groups but how you interact with contacts as well. For instance, you can use the batch mode to send SMS, MMS and emails to one or multiple contacts, groups, organizations and titles.

Searches can also be done on contact attributes such as name, phone number, organization, notes, address, email, relationships, websites, and birthday. With these powerful features it’s easy to send a happy birthday note to a friend, or a status update to a group of co-workers. QR Code

GO Contacts

GO Contacts is a powerful contact manager that is an ideal replacement for the stock Android Contact and Dialer apps. Some of its best features include the ability to do fast searches, group management, merge duplicate contacts and perform secure backups and recoveries. Most notable features of this Android contact manager are as follows:

  • Search for contacts by letter, name or keyword
  • Send batch SMS or email to a Group
  • Merge duplicated contacts
  • Backup/restore contacts to SD card

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iContact App for Android

This app comes from the well-respected autoresponder software provider called iContact. You can use the app to manage mailing list and message entire lists as well. You won’t be able to use the app to created and install email capture forms and more advanced autoresponder management tasks, but it is a great way to send out a quick email, enter a new contact into a mailing list and review stats and graphs on how your email marketing campaign is performing. QR Code


Manage your contacts and even share emails and SMS with them based on multiple criteria you can set. iGroups has the following features:

  • Send Email/text messages to contacts within groups.
  • Share pictures/camera through Email with groups
  • Create groups based on search results
  • Easily add or remove group contacts
  • Share any field of a contact through Facebook, Twitter, SMS, mail and Bluetooth
  • Supports using on-screen gestures for searching through contacts
  • It has a slew of options to sort events (month, day, year) and contacts (title, company and IM type)

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Other Android Contact Managers

Of course there are other contact managers, but the above-mentioned are among the very best. Nonetheless, you will be able to use apps such as ‘Contact Remover’ to easily remove contacts that you don’t need, and those you don’t know. It is especially useful for deleting the many email contacts that Gmail usually imports to you Android device.

Speaking of Gmail, it is also a sort of contact manager, in that it will automatically sync your contacts with the Google mail service, thus creating a backup for you.

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2 Responses to “Best Contact Managers for Android”

root android

I like the Go Contacts in Go Launcher Ex.

Tur Han

Hi there,
I have to tell you that a very annoying stuff on Android is to manage your contacts and especially your groups of contacts. I think it is a big missing feature of Android.

But fortunately, there are some developpers out there that fill the gap 🙂
Indeed, I would like to introduce you the application called “Group Manager” (by Tur Han => which is an android application that gives you the ability to create or to update any google groups for any of your google accounts. Furthermore, “Group Manager” also allows you to send a group mail for a given group and this is so usefull !!! And of course, all your groups are automacally synced with your google account.

? Features ?
? User friendly application
? Unlimited group creation/update
? Easy contacts picking
? Fast saving
? Sync with your google account
? pro version : group mail sending
? pro version : enhanced search bar
? pro version : select/deselect all your contacts with 1 touch
? pro version : filter management (various filter to dynamically display what you need)

Go and try it, you really won’t be disappointed 🙂
link to the market :

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