Best Android RSS Reader Apps

By Steve McFarlane

Being able to follow your favorite, blogs, websites and news services is a great way to stay in-touch with what’s going on without the need to visit individual sites. We have assembled a list of some of the best RSS readers for Androids that will enable you to access all your favorite web-based content from your Android phones and Tablets.

World Newspaper

Whether we believe it or not, we live in a relatively small world, what’s happening in another country may very well have implications for you and your loved ones as well, if not physically, financial or emotionally. World Newspapers syndicates the news and happenings from more than 105 countries as told from the perspective of over than 6,000 newspapers and magazines.

You may not need to know what is happening in some far-flung place but it sure is nice to have a resource that can bring you that content when you need access it. The app allows you to browse news feeds by popularity, country, continent, magazines, video or some relevant search term.

Once you find what you want, you can download the page for offline viewing, mark a RSS as a favorite or translate a page that is in a foreign language.  This is a great app that does what it was designed to do well and then some.  Install/QR Code

Pulse News

If you take your content from lots of different sources including blogs, Facebook, Twitter, and your own collection of favorite websites, then the Pulse News RSS reader should serve you well.

The app takes each displayed link, post or article and presents it with a picture of the content along with the featured picture of the content. It really is a colorful mosaic of all the news that you want to read so you can access them later even without data connection. In fact, you can personalize the app to auto-populate up to 6 pages with news from your preferred categories (finance, sports, politics) or sources.

If there is an article or news event that stirs your passion, you can use the app to post to your Facebook news feed, just as easily as you can comment on and browse items from popular social media sources.  Install/QR Code

gReader (Google Reader | RSS)

If you prefer a reader that delivers the content without the frills, then gReader may be the Android RSS reader for you. This is not the official Google Reader but it is nonetheless an impressive RSS/feed newsreader that even has podcast support. The main screen shows categories (podcasts, saved, stared, shared) of all your subscriptions along with how many entries are there for your perusal. Once you open up one of those lists you will see a text summary of the item along with a thumbnail.

As with the other Android RSS readers we mentioned before, you can read the full content of the article offline and/or share what you have discovered with friends via email, Twitter or Facebook.   Install/QR Code

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