Best Android Productivity Apps

By Steve McFarlane

Smart phones and tablets have evolved into powerful tools that have enabled us to amuse and entertain ourselves whenever we want – the more serious ones among us can also use them to become more productive.  Here are some top-rated Android productivity apps that can help you do more and do so more efficiently.

Documents To Go

Using the relative small screen of an Android phone to create or even edit an Office document may not be the most efficient way to work, but being able to do so can be a life saver if you are on the road and need to review some spreadsheet numbers, or edit a proposal before sending it off.Documents to Go

Documents To Go can:

  • Transfer, and automatically sync documents between your computer and Android device
  • Apply common document formatting such as bold, italics, underline, font color, alignment, bulleted and numbered lists
  • Create, view and edit Microsoft Word, Excel, & PowerPoint files
  • View PDF files
  • Insert and handle tables, bookmarks, comments, footnotes, endnotes
  • Track-changes, word count, find & replace, etc.

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Always being able to check how much you have to spend is a good way to spare yourself embarrassment after handing over you credit card. With Pageonce installed you can better manage the various expense and income items you have to juggle in your budget, and manage them at your convenience.

This Android app is a convenient way to manage all your credit cards, bills, banking and investing accounts in one place. It can also be used to set reminders for when bills will become due as well as other alerts regarding financial matters.

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This app helps you to organize your ideas, jottings and the bits of information you amass while you go about living your life and doing business.  Evernote can be used to record audio notes, so you can remember your thoughts on a particular matter; take pictures while you are out comparison-shopping, so you can make an informed decision later and add tags to those picture to make them searchable.

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Astrid Task/Todo List

This is a task manager and to-do-list app. Astrid isn’t any old to-do-list Android productivity app though. With each task you can enter deadlines, set priority rankings, as well as assign tags so you can easily find a task at a later date. You can also set reminders for a specific task or hide a task until a time you specify.

Astrid integrates well with other services such as Google Calendar so you can share and manage jobs among colleagues – among other things.

Astrid has many other features that qualify it as a must have Android app including: custom filters, widgets, the ability to sync with other popular productivity tools.

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DW Contact

More than just being able to create, edit, copy, change and delete contacts, DW Contact is a useful tool for managing a single contact, or a group of contacts. The app also supports local, Gmail and Exchange accounts, so you can copy contacts from Gmail to an Exchange account, or visa versa.

DW Contact not only allows you to manage contacts and groups but you can also use the app to send messages to select contacts based on the groups, organizations and titles they are associated with.

You can also use DW to search contacts by attributes such as: name, phone number, organization, notes, address, email, relationships, websites, birthday, and sort them by name or nickname.

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Astro File ManagerAstro File Manager - Android File Manager

Simply put, this app provides a better way to easily manage the pictures, music, documents and videos you have stored on your Android.

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