Android Signature Capture App Review – SIGNificant e-Signing

By Steve McFarlane

Electronically signing documents reduces the need to scan, fax, print and courier them. In fact, digitally signing documents can greatly speed up the processing of documents as well as eliminate a significant amount of money that is often spent in copying and mailing them to another party, not to mention to speed with which one can get a document signed and emailed without wasting time scanning an original and waiting for it to arrive by regular mail.

SIGNificant Signature Capture App

The SIGNificant signature capture app accepts digital signatures and annotates them to a PDF. Once you open the document with the SIGNificant PDF reader, navigate to the section of the document that should be signed, in theory you should be able to sign anywhere on the PDF; click the signature icon (a graphic of a pen) to bring up the signature box. If your device’s screen is large enough you may be able to sign with your fingers, otherwise it may be better to use a stylus or some other object that can improvise as a stylus.

Once you have captured the signature the apps sends everything back to a central server that will attach the signature to the PDF document and seal it with a digital signature; this seal can be used to verify the document’s authenticity. After the signature is processed and attached you have the option of emailing the file or sending it to Dropbox.


Because this signature capture software records biometric variables (rhythm, acceleration, pressure, speed and movement) while the signature is being written, it provides a more secure, or dare we say, forgery-proof way of ensuring that the right person had in fact signed the document.  It would be nice if the app could automatically recognize the area on the document to be signed. Nonetheless, it is very easy to attach a digital signature to the PDF file.

Force Close issues

The app requires SD card access to store the processed file. If you have locked the SD card you will in fact get an error; resolve the issues by unlocking the SD card. If the app force closes instead of giving you an error message, it is likely that you are using one of the earlier versions of the app.

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It is amazing how technology can make life so convenient. I could really save money using this solution instead of mailing documents to be signed.

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