Android App Review: Call Reminder Notes

By Steve McFarlane

Regardless of how good your memory is, sometimes we all need a little help remembering those important bits that can make all the difference in our relationship with others. I am sure you have had something important to say to someone but in deciding to let it wait until the next time you talk, you forget that you had something to share.

Whether you can’t talk to the person now because of time constraints, or you prefer to wait until they call you (to keep your phone bill down), you will find Call Reminder Notes to be a blessing. This is a productivity app that allows you to easily and conveniently assign a reminder/note to a contact that will be displayed the next time you talk to that contact. Whenever something crosses your mind that you would like to share it with a colleague, friend or family member on the next call to him/her – just create a note and attach it to that person’s contact in your phone.

How it Works

The next time you call the person, or the person calls you, the note will be displayed so you can be reminded of what you want to say. Once you end the call the note will be automatically deactivate. However, if you cancel or reject the call the note will not be deactivated. Nevertheless, you can manually delete or deactivate the note if you choose.

Feature Summary:

• You can create a reminder note and assign it to one or more contacts
• Reminders are shown for the duration of the call
• After talking to the person(s) the reminder will be deactivated automatically
• Reminders can be manually activate/deactivate from the settings screen
• If the call is cancelled or rejected, the corresponding reminder will remain active

We think this Android Call Reminder Notes is a good Android contact manager that many Android users should find it to be very useful. There is also a Blackberry and Ovi version of the app.  See the app in action below:

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