Which is the Better Pick, iOS 6 or Android?

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The problem of cell phone monitoring has been around for a while, though recently it has become an even bigger issue.

The latest cell phone monitoring apps and services offer much better and greater functionality, however for the average user this only means that anyone trying to do harm through these apps can now do more of it.

Even platform specific apps such as Android Spy has been enhanced even further, making it possible to find out things such as who you talk to, how much you communicate and where you live, all through a simple Android spy.

Though, nearly all smart phone developers are putting out the latest versions of their smart phone operating systems to feature new and enhanced capabilities, including beefed up security measures, they aren’t perfect.

A closer look at the newer operating systems offered by both Apple and Google will give us a better idea of what to expect when visiting the market for a new smart device.

The Apple iOS 6

Among the enhanced features of the new iPhone 5 is the ability to tag and locate incoming calls. Not only that, but Siri which was recently released also received its share of upgrades.

A brand new addition to the platform is Passbook, a new service being provided by Apple. One of the most awaited features, and also one of the biggest addition and change that Apple has made to its latest devices is to integrate Apples’ own mapping service.

Even though it has its shortcomings, Apple seems to have invested a lot in developing Apple Maps, buying rights and permissions from Google Maps and other global mapping firms and now Apple has its own service for its users.

Android Jelly Bean

In the long line of tasty operating systems, Jelly Bean is the latest sweet addition to the Android operating system line up. Android 4.1, aka Jelly Bean, is being launched with the latest Android devices.

One of the interesting developments brought forth in Jelly bean is the addition of a voice service which works much like Siri. This is another feature which has been added to make Android a stronger competitor to Apple and all competing smart phone manufacturers in general.

In fact Androids latest operating system showcases dozens of tiny modifications which have been made to stream line the platform. For example a new tweak has been made to how notifications are shown to the user.

Similar to this is the modification made to widgets; now users can further personalize widgets such as re-size them. Support of a number of languages has also been added so you can use your phone in your mother tongue.

Will These Update Help Mobile Security?

Even though Apple and Google have made many changes to make their platforms and phones more appealing to users and give them a more enjoyable experience, in terms of security, not many strides have been made.

Users may find that they are equally vulnerable on the new system as compared to the previous one and security is a major concerned which has not been dealt with in the way it should have been.

Author Bio:Beth’s major effort has revolved around latest gadgets. Recently she’s been playing with the best spy app for Android that are diverting the interest of the new generation. She helps readers can find out more about what’s most recent and happening in the Spyware on Blackberry world..

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