Two Great Android Apps You Should Try

By Guest Contributor

You may have been bombarded with advice over which Android apps to download and start enjoying, but if you have a hunger for new software and want to get your teeth into something you have not seen before, why not give one of these  a look?

After Focus

While there are plenty of photo editing apps out there, After Focus chooses to do something a little different so that it stands apart from the Instagrams and Hipstamatics of this world.

Its killer feature is the ability to mask particular parts of an image and alter them separately from the rest. This means you can highlight elements which are in the foreground of the shot and add blurring and other effects to the background, creating instant depth of field illusions and dramatically improving even the most bland of pictures.

Like all good photo apps it has built in social networking capabilities, which means you can upload your freshly edited images to Facebook, Twitter, Picasa or Flikr at the touch of a button. There are plenty of other effects to mess around with and the results can be impressive.

You can get the free version of After Focus right now, although if you want to remove ads and unlock all of the features you will need to spend a bit of cash.

Dark Legends

If you crave a little more depth from your mobile gaming experience then it could well be provided by Dark Legends.

This is an action RPG which takes elements of online play to put you in a world where you are just a small cog in a much larger machine. Thankfully there is plenty of combat to dive into and you can either play solo or team up with friends or strangers over a network connection.

Online play can be cooperative, although you may have more fun if you pit yourself in death-match-style battles against others where you get points and loot for making an impact.

There is an in-game currency which you earn for completing tasks and slaying monsters, but the nature of this game means that you can also spend real money if you want to upgrade clothing and items faster.

The free to play model which defined Dark Legends may not be for everyone, because while the app is not going to cost you anything to download upfront, if you want to get the most out of the adventure you will need to spend at least a little of your cash to unlock digital content.

The good news is that if you invest in contract phones on deals that save you money, you will have enough spare cash each month to spend on appealing apps which will keep you entertained wherever you happen to be. There are even options for those who still would like an iPhone; take for instance the contract options from O2 that allow you to get a new iPhone on 18 and 24 terms or even a “Pay and Go” option.

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