Top 5 Android Real Estate Apps

By Steve McFarlane

Having the right real estate apps can help you find new listings before others; and if you are an agent, you can use them to help your clients find a deal that is right for their budget and preference. This is a roundup of the best real estate apps we could find for Android phones and tablets. Real Estate Search

This is  a powerful real estate app that clients and real estate agents should find extremely useful. Use the app to find houses that are up for sale and information relating to the listing. The app also has the ability to share listings with an agent, family and friends using email and social media services. Some of the app’s most notable features include the ability to:

  • View listings of nearby properties as you move around
  • Save voice notes; this is very useful for remembering the property’s features and your first impressions; a very useful feature for those who view lots of properties
  • View the area immediately surrounding a property using the Google Street View service
  • View nearby homes for sale from a widget without opening the app

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Google Maps

Invariably you are going to need help finding a property in an unfamiliar area. Google Maps has voice-guided navigation for finding hard to locate addresses. If you want to go super-agent, you can use the app to see if there are geographical features, landmarks or properties that could make it difficult to sell a property, i.e. nearby train routes or airports. QR Code

Zillow Real Estate & Rentals

Zillow has data for millions of homes in the U.S. With a GPS enabled phone you can have the app show homes that are on sale or rent close to your current location. The app has a unique “make me move” features which states the price at which an owner will be willing to move if the right offer is made, in essence the app lists properties that aren’t on the market even though you could convince the buyer to sell.

It is also a great app for wondering around an area to see what homes are on the market, if only to see what you can afford. If you find a listing that you may be interesting in, Zillow will usually have the contact info for the current agent so you can call and get further information. QR Code

See Zillow in action in this video:

Mortgage Calculator

Helps you figure out what you or a client of yours can afford to pay for a mortgage based on current interest rates, the property’s value and the down payment. QR Code

Astrid Locale Add-on

Did you know it is possible to configure your Android to detect where you are and then have it display a location specific reminder when you get to that predetermine location. How is this useful to a real estate agent? Let us say you have a property to check on but you keep on forgetting to go have a look at it when you are close by. You can have your Android remind you, with a popup notification, the next time you are in the area. For this solution to work you will need to install the Locale plugin and the Astrid Locale Add-on. QR Code

Call Reminder Notes

You wont forget to ask a client for some important information the next time you talk to them if you use Call Reminder. You can use the app to assign a note to a contact so that you will be reminded of what you must talk to them about when next you talk. Call Reminder will show a popup note the next time your client calls you or you attempt to call them. QR Code

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