Top 10 Free HTC Thunderbolt Apps

By Steve McFarlane

The HTC Thunderbolt has large and generous dimensions that make the device a joy to use. If you have a Thunderbolt here are some of the top free apps that you can find for it. You can download any of these Free HTC Thunderbolt Apps by scanning the QR Code with a barcode scanner app. Click the QR code to get a size that can be easily scanned.

Wifi Analyzer qr Wifi Analyzer

See a graphical representation of all the Wi-Fi networks that are within range of your phone. For each network, the app will show the signal strength of each active channel. What you do with that information is entirely up to you.

CamScanner – Phone to Scanner

Use your phone as a scanner. Though the app is not a perfect solution for scanning a large amount of documents, it does a fairly good job of capturing one-pagers and business cards so you don’t have to keep the hard copy.

Google Maps

A list of HTC Thunderbolt apps would be complete without Google Maps. If you live in QR Code - Google Maps - Amazing Android Appslarge city or new location you really should have Google Maps install on your Android.  Not only can this app serve as a free turn-by-turn navigation device, you can also use it to find places of interest (banks, fast food joint, ATMs and Gas stations) along your route.

Layar Reality BrowserQR Code - Layar - Ground Breaking Apps

This app superimposes information about the world around you onto your device’s live video display.  For example you can use the app to find information on apartments that are available for rent. Simply point the app at buildings around you and it will show the relevant information, provided that that information is available through one of Layar’s modules (layers).

Documents To Goqr Documents to Go Free

Writing a long document on the relative small screen of a phone may not be ideal, but having the capability to review one or to make quick changes can make or break a deal. Documents To Go enable its users to view, edit and create Word, Excel and PowerPoint documents.

SoundHoundqr SoundHound

Use the SoundHound to recognize songs after having the app listen to a short sound bite or even a hum of the song. After the app finds the correct song, it will show information about the artist and album and give links to the actual lyrics and retail links.


Mobile service providers often make lofty claims about the speed qr SpeedTest appof their networks. Use Speed Test to prove whether or not they are telling the truth by measuring the network speed with Speed Test. SpeedTest will show maximum download and upload speeds as well as track the network that was used for the tests. The app supports 3G, EDGE, and WiFi networks.


Use your HTC Thunderbolt to scan barcodes and QR codes to find the best prices, reviews and retailers of the products you are interested in. In addition to finding product information, you can use Shopsavvy to find the best prices and even set alert for when prices reach a certain level.

Spaghetti Marshmallows

We couldn’t conclude our roundup of top10 Free HTC Thunderbolt apps without including a fun Android game. The objective of Spaghetti Marshmallows is to use uncooked spaghetti and marshmallows to build complex structures. It is a simple concept but it is fun and can be challenging.

Walk and Textqr Walk and Text Android Texting Application

Allows you and text even while you are walking. The app makes you possible for you to do so with reality safety by displaying the messaging interface on top of the live camera view.

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