Some of the Best Android Apps Ever Invented

By Joel Cordle

Android App inventors might surely be having gala time. As compared to the iPhone Apps, there aren’t as many Android apps but when it comes to people opting for apps the Android population is growing fast.

There are tonnes of apps in all sorts of inventions and designs that are flooding the market.  Android apps can be bought from the online stores or from third-party sites and in February 2012, more than 400,000 apps were available on the Android platform.

Let us look at the best-invented android apps ever:

1. Google Voice: The Google Voice app is considerably one of the best new inventions in Android world. The app allows you use a single phone number to call up more than one device or person.

2. Amazon Kindle: You may not like the Amazon Kindle ebook reader but you would surely develop a soft spot for the Kindly mobile app. You can always read books on the go, in the metro, in the bus, at work (yeah!) and in the powder room too! Just peek at a few pages whenever you can and you have read an entire book before you know it.

3. Seesmic: Well we know you are a social network addict and if you are looking for something that can help you keep tabs on the happenings in your social networks Seesmic is perfect.

4. Astro File Manager: You are the inventive innovative kind who likes to keep everything organized right from your socks to the files in your phone. If such is the case, the Astro File Manager for your Android phone will help you out. To locate a file you simple have to navigate in your file system and voila you find it.

5. Places Directory:  If you are like shopping and cannot find your way to the scarf shop that is two blocks from your office, you can simply install the innovative Places Directory that will help you find shops as well as movie theaters, hotels, and much more in a jiffy.

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