10 Recommended Apps for the HTC Evo 3D

By Steve McFarlane

If you are fortunate enough to own an Evo 3D we recommend that you try these apps; they are a great way to make full use of the phone’s 3D capabilities, dual core processor and gorgeous 4.3-inch display.

PicSay Pro –The Evo 3D can capture great looking photos but you can take them to the next level with one of the best Android photo editors on the market. The Evo 3D has lots of tools and special effects to make your photos pop.

Angry Birds 3D – Rovio Mobile – Angry Birds is simply one of the most entertaining and popular games available for smart phones today. It looks great on the Evo 3D.

Adobe Flash 10.3 – The HTC Evo 3D comes with Adobe flash but we recommend that you upgrade to the latest version, doing so will allow you to see online content the way it was meant to be seen.

Dropbox – Especially if don’t buy additional storage for the phone, you will need to free up storage by uploading all the HD content you create with your Evo to an online storage service. Dropbox is a great way of doing so, while at the same time giving you access to your files from wherever you can get a network connection.

Flixster – If you are a movie fan you will want Flixster on your Evo 3D. This is not the app that will give you tons of free video content, but it is still a great way to read movie reviews, find local theatres and watch movie trailers.

Google Maps 3D – View streets, buildings, and landmarks in 3D.

Google Voice – Make cheap international calls; listen to and read voicemail transcripts; send free text messages using your Google number.

Pulse – This is a newsreader that pulls content from you favorite online resources. The picture thumbnails of your favorites sites will look good on the Evo 3D’s large display.

Extreme Call Blocker Droid – It may be far-fetched to think that your friends are going to start hounding you to go show them your new phone, nonetheless having one of the best call filtering apps is a great way to protect your privacy.

Lookout – You really shouldn’t go without installing a good antivirus app on your smart phone, be it an Android or not. Lookout is one of the best Antivirus apps for Android phones and tablets; you can also use it to locate stolen or misplaced phones.

Handcent – Put your phone’s messaging capabilities on steroid with Handcent. It has many themes, options and settings to supercharge your messaging experience; it also has emoji support.

These are just some of the apps that we like. What apps would you first install on a new Evo? Let us know in the comments section below.

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