Android Apps for Professional Photographers

By Steve McFarlane

This is a roundup of Androids photography apps for professionals. While professionals are unlikely to use their phones as their primary camera, they can still use their phones as a training tool, a photo editor and a tool to add special photo effects.

Photography Trainer

This is a must have app for photographers, especially those who want to improve and or are just learning the art. Whether you want to do night, sports, landscapes, portraits or architecture photography, this app guides you with step-by-step instructions on how to setup a camera to take perfect photos. The application helps photographers to truly understand shutter speed, aperture and ISO settings.

The learning progress is further enhanced with the inclusion of dozens of sample photos along with tutorials and tips to help you setup the camera to achieve the same results as the sample photos.  In our opinion $1.99 is a small price to pay for photography training. It is not the same as going to digital photography school, but it does an awesome job for only $1.99.

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Photography Calculator

This is an Android photography app for advance photographers. This app can calculate the depth of field (DoF) details and the hyperfocal distance for the given parameters, has a 1,500 plus camera database, can measure focal length, aperture, and subject distance. It’s also has a field of view (FoV) calculator that can calculate the photo count to compose a panoramic photograph.

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Sundroid Sunrise Sunset Pro

Sundroid calculates sunrise, sunset, twilight, length of day, golden hours, moonrise & moonset times for any corner of the globe you can find yourself. While this app is great for hunters, Sabbath keepers and astronomers, it also makes a good resource for photographers as well, especially those who do sunset and sunrise weddings. In that it can help you plan how to handle the unique lighting conditions that are present at sunset and sunrise.

Features include:

  • Sunrise and sunset times
  • Solar noon
  • Civil, nautical and astronomical twilight times
  • Golden hours
  • Length of daylight
  • Notifications for all events
  • Azimuths of rise and set
  • Moonrise and moonset times plus moon phase
  • Monthly calendar views showing difference for each day
  • Daily summaries
  • Four home screen widgets

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