iPad vs Android Tablets: Three Reasons to go Android

By Sam Waites

Android or iPad? That is the big question since Android tablets followed the launch of the iPad in 2010. But what makes consumers choose an Android over iPad even though the latter holds major market share? Apple has become a style statement and the standard bearer for ease of use, while for others it is more brand loyalty that hinders them from switching to other products. Yet, like all machines the iPad is not perfect and is lacking on some points when compared to Android devices.

Here are three reasons to go for an Android tablet vs the Apple alternative.

The Number of Choices and Features

The Android powered tablets are manufactured by a number of companies like Samsung, HP, Dell, Motorola and Asus, which ensures that there are many alternatives to the iPad.

iPads are available in a 9.7″ and 7.87″ size; on the other hand Android tablets are available in various sizes: a 7” tall Samsung and Amazon Kindle, a 9” tall LG and a 10” tall Motorola Xoom is just a small sample of the many choices that are available on the Android side.

Of course, there are 5” tablets as well, though some argue these aren’t really tablets, but rather should be placed in a category called phablets. In any case, just look at the number and variety of options that are available.

The iPad avoids multi-tasking for the purpose of saving battery life and improving performance. It is something that was finally offered by the second edition. But you will find Android tablets powered by dual-core processors that make multitasking snappy.

One thing that made some early adopters hate the original iPad was that it had no camera, which is a feature of most Android tablets – Apple only added on the second generation of the iPad. Still the quality of the camera has been kept to a minimum to ensure better overall performance of the iPad, while almost all Android tablets have front and back cameras, some of which have high-end specs.

Flash Support

If you spend a lot of time on the laptop watching video online and plan to do the same on your tablet computer then you better opt for an Android tablet especially if you access lots of Flash enabled websites. iPad does not support flash content, which is the main reason why you cannot watch all the videos or view many websites using this tablet. On the hand Androids, supports flash content, which means that you have the freedom to browse the World Wide Web with no restriction against Flash-based websites or videos. And if you have a high-speed Internet connection, choosing from any of the broadband only deals browsing the Internet becomes so easy.

Data Transfer and Storage

The only way to transfer data to the iPad is using a data cable connected to a computer and syncing it with the help of iTunes. Plus there is no memory card slot to support external storage, a feature that Apple has left off on purpose. While all Android tablets have memory card slots so that applications and videos, images, etc. can be stored on the external memory, not filling up internal memory. Plus, many Android tablets also have USB ports to enable transferring of data and files, which is a feature that both iPads do not offer.

A Reason to keep using an iPad

Even though iPad lovers may have thousands of reasons to prefer it over Android tablets they can not refute the advantages that Android has over iPad. One reason that can still keep you hooked on an iPad is the fact that Apple’s apps store has more applications than the Android Market.

Even though in the past year Android Market has increased drastically in size with the famous iPad apps also available on Android tablets. Still, the iTune holds more apps and is a very attractive feature that iPads have to offer.


The fact that the iPad is the market leader with only 2 editions competing against a host of Android tablets is an exceptional feat. However, iPad’s market share is already being eroding and expected to decrease even faster in the future if Apple doesn’t step up their game and offer something that Android tablets have not already brought in the market.

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