Dual-Sim Android Smart Phones – 2011 Availability

By Steve McFarlane

Dual sim smart phones have been popular in Asia for some time, but have not caught on in the West, primarily because mobile phone networks insist on locking phones to their own network to the exclusion of others.  Nevertheless the advantages of having a dual sim cell phone are quite obvious, especially if you travel overseas a lot and need to switch sim cards when you do so, or you want to take advantage of various service offerings on separate networks.

Of course Chinese made dual sim Android phones have been available for some time. Some examples include the Eclipse, F003 and ENJOY I9000 MINI, but these all have less than stellar specs and in most cases are clearly knockoffs of the iPhone and popular HTC phones. That isn’t the only reason they aren’t taken seriously. For example, the above-mentioned phones all come with resistive touch screens and processors that run below 500MHz. Fortunately, major manufacturers have announced soon to be released dual sim Android phones.

ViewSonic V350 dual-SIM Android Phone

ViewSonic V350 – “The first dual-SIM Android”

On February 14 Viewsonic sent some love to dual sim phone lovers by releasing details of what is being called the first Android dual sim smart phone. The Viewsonic V350 comes with a 3.5-inch HVGA capacitive touch display, 512MB RAM, 600MHz processor, Android 2.2, 5MP camera, a microSD card slot, WiFi, Bluetooth 2.1 and A-GPS to boot.

The phone has dualband UMTS (900 / 2100MHz HSPA) on the first SIM, and quadband GSM on the second. The possibility is that one sim slot can be used for voice and the other for data, to take advantage of better voice and data plans where they are offered on separate networks.

Gigabyte GSmart Rola

Gigabyte is planning to launch a dual sim Android phone in the Q1 2011. The phone will go by the

Gigabyte GSmart Rola - Dual Sim Android Phone

name Gsmart Rola and is expected to retail for 175 euro when it goes on sale.

The Gsmart Rola will run Androidv2.2 Froyo but the specs head south from there.

The device will feature a 3.2-inch resistive WQVGA touchscreen, a 528MHz processor, 512MB ROM, 256MB RAM, a 3 megapixel fixed-focus camera and a MicroSD slot. Connectivity options include Wi-Fi, 3G, aGPS, Bluetooth, quad-band GSM and FM radio.




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