Dual Sim Android Phones that are Available Now

By Steve McFarlane

Dual sim Android cell phones have been available in Asia for a sometime.  Examples of which include the Chinese made Eclipse, ENJOY I9000 MINI and F003. This is a roundup of the best Android dual sim phones that are available now. If you are looking for a dual sim card phone from one of the major manufacturers, check out these original dual sim phones (Viewsonic V350 and Gigabyte GSmart Rol), they should be available in the first half of 2011.

Eclipse- Dual-SIM Android 2.2 Smartphone

The Eclipse does carry a striking resemblance to the HTC Magic, which is a common characteristic of many Chinese made phones.  The Eclipse features a 3.2-inch 480×320 resistive touch display – while this is not the best touch screen technology the device seeks to make up for that by including the ability to watch Analog Eclipse - Dual SIM Android 2.2 SmartphoneTV (PAL and NTSC). The phone comes with a 1.9-mega-pixel camera that can shoot video and can capture pictures at a 1600×1200 resolution.

The rest of the specs are as follows:

  • Android 2.2 Froyo
  • Quad band GSM
  • Dual sim card slots
  • 256MB RAM and 512MB ROM
  • 3.5mm headphone Jack
  • 460MHz CPU
  • 180 – 300 minutes talk time, and 180 – 300 hours stand-by time
  • MicroSD slot that supports up to 8GB of storage.

F003 Dual-sim Google Android Phone

This list of Chinese made Android dual sim card phones would not be complete without an iPhone look-a-like it seems, but you really shouldn’t expect anything near the performance of the iPhone if you purchase this device.

As can be expected from knockoffs, the phone’s performance is less than impressive. However, the phone has one feature that the iPhone doesn’t have, and that is an analog TV F003 Dual-sim Google Android Phonetuner).  Expect to be challenged when trying to find a good signal though, if you can get one at all, owing to the fact that we are living in the digital age.  The features worth noting include:

  • Quad Band GSM support (GSM850 900 18001900Mhz)
  • Dual sim Dual Standby
  • 260K 3.2 Inch Touch Screen display
  • 1.3 mega pixel Camera
  • Analog TV (PAL, SECAM, NTSC)
  • WIFI, Bluetooth 2.0, EDGE/GPRS 2.75G connectivity options
  • FM radio
  • Free 2GB Memory Card, expandable up to 8GB


Despite the fact that this is not an original phone, this Samsung Galaxy S look-a-like has fairly good specs. The phone uses a 460MHZ (MTK 6516) CPU, runs Android 2.2 and has a 3.5-inch capacitive multi-touch screen, which is about what you would expect from an entry-level smart phone.  The other specs include:

  • 512M of RAM, 512M of ROM (expandable up to 16 GB)
  • Built in GPS
  • Quadband GSM
  • WIFI
  • Dual sim Dual Standby
  • 5.0 Mega pixel camera with flash and AF
  • GPRS & WAP connectivity
  • About 300-400 Hours standby time and 3-4Hours talk time.

Image credits: Each image is the property of the phone manufacturer

“ENJOY I9000 MINI Android Dual Sim Card Phone”

“F003 Dual-sim Google Android Phone”

“Eclipse – Dual SIM Android 2.2 Smartphone”

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You’re the gerteast! JMHO

Steve @ Android Phone Tracker

These Chinese are indeed prolific. It seems as if everything is made there.


this is so cool ive been having a problem with my android but mine doesnt have the sims card so now i can (when i get it) have my service and a great phone… WHO KNEW!


any android dual sim that is not from china? Does HTC plans to make some dual sim? thanks for information.


I’ve just purchased the Android-3600 for myself at yippz.com and since I travel and need dual sim card availability, it’s been great. I’m not tied to a contract and have used both US, Canadian and UK sim cards in the phone, 2 at a time.

I think Steve (who wrote the article) should check out the Android 3200 and 3600 phones and add to his article. I’ve got full access to everything in the Android Marketplace and the phone are self-configuring to networks like Puretalk and Mysimplemobile.

BTW, nice article Steve.

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