Apps for The Samsung Galaxy SIII

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The Samsung Galaxy SIII benefited from one of the biggest mobile launches of all time thanks to nine million units being pre-ordered by retailers. If you were one of the early adopters of this super-phone then you might want to try out one of these apps to see how far you can push its quad core processor and HD display.


One of the Galaxy SIII`s best features is its eight megapixel camera, because the CPU is put to good use, enabling you to capture multiple still images at the same time as recording full HD video clips.

Once you have taken as many pictures as you like and chosen the best snap, Instagram is the app to use if you want to add some vintage flare to your pictures.

This popular editing tool has only been available on Android for a short time and is also a great social networking service that lets you follow other users and see how creative mobile photography can become.

Onavo Extend

The Galaxy SIII is a beast of a phone that will have you downloading files, surfing the web, streaming videos and doing much more besides.

However, all this usage can add up if you are harnessing your mobile data connection. This means you could go over your allowance and have to pay through the nose for additional usage.

Thankfully this app is the best way to manage your usage in real time and see exactly how much you can do with your remaining allowance. It also does its best to reduce the amount of data which is consumed by your phone, giving you extra leeway with a more streamlined approach to mobile internet access, which is handy.

Minecraft Pocket Edition

This popular Scandinavian first person sandbox game has made waves on the PC and home consoles, but now it is available on the Galaxy SIII.

Samsung`s handset is a natural fit for this block-building title, allowing you to explore your creativity in randomly generate worlds and, as the name suggests, get involved in some mining. Just make sure you have erected a shelter before darkness falls, or else death by monsters is a major threat.

Samsung Remote

Turning your Galaxy SIII into a remote for your TV is easier than you might imagine thanks to this application.

It can synchronise with your Samsung TV and then allow you to control things like volume, channel and plenty of other settings from the comfort of your sofa. It is even compatible with Blu-Ray players produced by Samsung, which is a convenient touch.

Angry Birds Space

Filling every one of the 1280×720 pixels of the Galaxy SIII`s display with glorious cartoony action is possible if you download Angry Birds Space, the latest iteration of this popular casual gaming franchise.

The Samsung Galaxy S3 deals with titles like this with ease because of its processing horsepower, but that also means that you can enjoy the smoothest physics-based puzzling of any Android device with this app.

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