How to Choose an Android Cell Phone Signal Amplifier

By Lia Robbinson

Always staying in-touch is very important for a modern man and mobile phones help us in this case, but where can one find a solution to the widespread problem of weak cell phone signal strength that plagues most wireless technologies today, including Android devices? A option is an Android signal booster or repeater.

GSM repeaters solve the problem of absent mobile communication on your Android very quickly and effectively. You can install a cell phone signal amplifier wherever you have problems with getting a signal, whether it is in the basement, the shop, your office or the car. Moreover, it is possible to find good equipment even if you are on a budget, which is an important matter for many consumers.

Choosing an Android Signal Booster

If you have already decide that an Android cellular signal repeater is a must have technology, you will next need to choose exactly which one is right for you.

Today the market offers a variety of models at different prices.

  • If you need to amplify mobile signals in a small house, you should choose a repeater that covers an area between 80m2 and 150m2.
  • To increase the signal in industrial buildings or big houses, choose an amplifier that can cover an area between 300m2 and 1200m2.

Your choice should also take into consideration the frequency that your mobile operator uses. So before buy a repeater for your Android get this information from your cell phone service provider or check the frequencies that the phone operates on; usually you can find this information on the technical support page of the company’s website.

There is also a 3g booster you can use if your Internet connection is unstable; what can be better than always having a reliable Internet service that enables you to check on the latest news or simply chat with your friends? However, your choice of mobile repeaters should also take into consideration the area the repeater will need to serve and the cell phone frequencies that your cellular service provider uses. If you need to strengthen Internet and phone signal on your Android simultaneously, a dual band cellular cell phone amplifier will help you.

Frequent travelers and those who move a lot, the best choice would be a GSM or a 3G mobile repeater that is specifically designed for use in automobiles. It will allow Android owners to always be within range of a network where possible.

Cell phone signal boosters kits usually have all the elements that you need to install the device, so installation shouldn’t take up much time, it’s very easy and clear; only follow the instruction. However, in some cases you may need to complement your Android mobile repeater kit with accessories such as splitters (if you want to distribute a mobile signal to a larger number of rooms in your house) and antennas for a more powerful signal amplification.

If you select the right Android signal booster in no time missed calls and weak Internet service will be a thing of the past.

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