Free Antivirus Software for Androids

By Steve McFarlane

Lookout Mobile Security is perhaps one of the best Android antivirus apps available, a fact that reviewers at CNET and PCWorld seem to agree with. Not only is Lookout a virus-removal and protection software but it is a full-fledge mobile security solution as well.

Lookout’s main function is that of virus protection and removal.  The app runs in the background, where it monitors the activities of apps and data traffic coming to the phone. Once a threat is identified, the app will deal with it so your phone is not compromised.

Locate Lost Phones

Whether or not you have smartphone insurance, replacing a smartphone can be expensive. If you misplace your phone you can logon to your free account and it will help you to find the phone by making it ring, even if it was left in silent mode.

Recover a Stolen Phone

Lookout Mobile SecurityLookout can also help you locate a lost or stolen phone. As soon as you realize that the phone is missing, go online, log into your Lookout account and use the mapping solution to see where the phone is located. Once you have that information, you can decide whether to go looking for the phone yourself or give the information to law enforcement.

While this mobile antivirus software is primarily marketed as an Android Antivirus application, its mobile data backup and lost phone locator features make it a must have Android app. You can download Lookout Mobile Security by scanning the QR Code with a barcode scanner app.

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This post was very helpful. I have been using the android applications from almost an year now and I must say that android application developers have actually made android a very flexible OS.


i need to debug my cell phone


Android has exploded most Android Handsets are mini computers so its best to be running some kind of antivirus software just to be safe…

RedHead @ BlackHair101

Didn’t realized that I need this for my phone.

Steve @ Android Phone Tracker

Yup, the bad guys aren’t afraid to exploit new horizons.


Great Android antivirus


so informative informative blog

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