How to Create Awesome Apps Even if You Can’t Code

By Steve McFarlane

I had no Idea! I didn’t know it was so easy to create an app. Like many other persons, I thought it took weeks, technical know how and thousands of dollars to create an app for the Android and iPhone platforms. So, I was totally amazed to find that there are solutions that will give you the tools you need to create great looking and feature-rich apps, even if you can’t write a line of code. I kid you not; once you can drag & drop you can create an awesome app.

What they can Do

By and large, the app development software that we are going to look at below offer easy drag and drop type interfaces for creating iPhone and Android apps. In most cases app creators provide all the assets, tools and resources you need to create a great looking and fully functional app. You may need to hire a graphics artist to create a custom logo and other graphics; you can find one at 99designs or eLance.

We are going to look at some iPhone and Android app creator software below, but in general they can do the following:

  • Have a WYSIWYG user interface
  • Offer low cost and sometimes free alternatives to customized app programming services that can cost well over $20k for a good app
  • Online/web-base app development software
  • No coding required
  • The best solutions will help you create a developer account and manage the app approval process
  • Require no special hardware
  • Have custom app services if you want to integrate advance features

Quick and Low & No Cost Solutions

These solutions can be used to quickly and easily create apps to feature digital content you already have on your website or other popular media sites such as Youtube.  In a similar way to how RSS feeds help website readers access website content, you can create an app that will pull videos, articles and discussions from your site and present it in your custom app.  Some of the best ultra-low-cost Android and iPhone app makers that allow you to do this include Snappii and iBuildApp.

App creators do have some limitations so you will need to do some homework before deciding which solution to use. For example, some solutions don’t have support for: push-notifications, automatic display rotation and integration with the GPS functionality of the device. If you need to develop a feature-rich Android or iPhone app, try Mobi Roadie.

Creating Awesome Apps

Mobile Roadie is both an app creation software and app creation service that allow users to create their own apps for either the Android or iPhone platforms, or they can have the software create apps for both platforms from the one design. Mobile Roadie has been used to create apps for well-known artists such as Madonna and Bon Jovi.

The app has a large selection of assets you can use to create your app; so you can choose from a large selection of templates, or you can design each element yourself; in any case, you are able to customize each pixel of the app if you want. Mobile Roadie hosts all the apps, so clients automatically get all the new features that Apple and Google release from time to time without them needing to worry about the technicalities of ensuring compatibility with the apps they have already created.

Because the apps are hosted by Mobile Roadie you can make real-time changes to published apps without having to resubmit the apps to the iTunes stores or the Android Market. In other words, the minute you make changes to your apps the updated version will be available for users to enjoy.

If you want a simply app to feature your website’s content try either the Snappii or iBuildApp app creator.  However, if you need a more robust solution to stream and sell music; push your photos and videos to your fans or send location specific messages to users, Mobile Roadie is the most cost effective option we could found.

Here is a Mobile Roadie overview video:

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wow, great!
And what do you think about web service that allows non-programmers make apps in minutes? like

Steve McFarlane

The web services are great for creating apps quickly. In fact you can really create some great looking apps, but you will be limited in what features you can build into the apps without paying for the more higher priced customization services that these sites offer.


You know Steve, actually snappii supportd HTML, so you can code anything you want to. it’s just easier for people to make apps with web services. have you tried?

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